Intellectual Freedom

The Oregon Tech Libraries recognize that the free access to ideas and freedom of expression are fundamental to the educational process. We subscribe to and comply with the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statements (see appendices). The collections will be available to all patrons of the library, although remote access to specific electronic resources may be restricted by licensing agreements. The collections should offer the widest range of viewpoints, regardless of popularity of items or viewpoints or the sex, political philosophy, religion, national origin, or notoriety of their proponents.

Controversial Library Materials

The faculty and staff of the Oregon Tech Libraries recognize that materials available for use in the Libraries may from time to time prove offensive to some of our patrons. However, it remains our responsibility to provide the widest possible access to informational resources, consistent with the laws of our state and nation, and the rules and regulations of the University. We regret that in our buildings the space available for use of these materials is often limited and may present a circumstance where library users are exposed to materials they may find objectionable.

We continue to support our University to the fullest and consider it our obligation, both as members of the library community and as employees of the University, to advance the University's mission to the benefit of the Oregon Tech community, students, graduates, faculty and staff, and the citizens of the State of Oregon.

In addition, the Libraries uphold the American Library Association Code of Ethics which states in part: "We uphold the principles of intellectual freedom and resist all efforts to censor library resources."