The Oregon Tech University Archives houses materials documenting the history of Oregon Tech beginning with its founding in 1947 and continuing to the present. Over the years, the University Archives has been developed and maintained by various individuals and offices at Oregon Tech. Currently it is housed in the Learning Resource Center and is a structural unit inside the Oregon Tech Libraries.

The collections are minimally organized. Minimal funding is specifically directed towards its operations. Donations are appreciated.

Mission Statement

Oregon Tech Campus History Collection collects and preserves institutional records and items of permanent historical and informational value. Such records contain evidence of the Oregon Tech's organization, function, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, and other activities.

The purpose of collecting and preserving institutional records is to provide documentation of the development and growth of the institution, with emphasis on its teaching function, its role in the community, the activities of the faculty, students and alumni, and the physical development of the campus.


To make an appointment to access the Oregon Institute of Technology Campus History Collection contact us at 541-885-1772 or via email.

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