History of the Fountain

Oregon Tech fountain - picture taken in 2002

The Oregon Tech fountain is only geothermal fountain in the world, it can be run the whole year. It was installed when Dr. Kenneth Light was the President (1976 - 1983) in place of a moat. The moat was a u-shaped trench, filled with rain water. During the Homecoming events students used to have tugs-of-war over it. At some time the moat was the home of a mullet named Winston. The moat was so shallow that the onlookers could clearly see a shark-like dorsal fin cruising in the water.

Water filled trench (moat) where before the fountain was put

Resources on Oregon Tech’s history

Oregon Institute of Technology, 1947-1997, The First Fifty Years, vol. 11 of the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library, (1997)

OVS, OTI, Oregon Tech: OREGON TECH’S FIRST 30 YEARS, 1946 – 1976 by Winston D. Purvine

The Owler, OIT’s yearbook from 1950 to 1983. Copies are available for use at through the University Archives and in the Shaw Historical Library.

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