Who Are They Named After?


Picture of buildings on the new OTI campus
  • Boivin Hall: Harry Boivin (State Senator)
  • Owens Hall: Vern J. Owens (cochaired the Site Fund Committee, the fund drive to buy the campus, the three cochairs recommended the present location)
  • Purvine Hall: Winston Purvine (first OIT president: 1947-1976)
  • Semon Hall: Henry Semon (Klamath County State Representative)
  • Snell Hall: Earl Snell (State Governor)
  • Cornett Hall: Marshall Cornett (State Senate President)
  • Dow Health Sciences Building: Martha Anne Dow (OIT President 1998-2007)
  • Jesse Crabtree Civil Engineering Learning Plaza: Jesse A. Crabtree, started in 1947 as a drafting and blueprint reading instructor; initiated the Engineering Aide program that grew to become Civil Engineering Technology
  • John F. Moehl Stadium: Moehl was a member of both the Booster Club and Oregon Tech Foundation, and was a large part of the fundraising efforts. He was also Executive Vice President for the Klamath Basin-based company, Modoc Lumber. When Moehl passed away unexpectedly during the planning and early ground work, Laurence Shaw, Owner of Modoc Lumber, and Tom Shaw, his son and President of Modoc Lumber, took it upon themselves to donate a considerable amount of money, building supplies, and materials to the University to continue construction. With this donation came the stipulation that the stadium be named in honor of John F. Moehl.

Resources on Oregon Tech’s history

Oregon Institute of Technology, 1947-1997, The First Fifty Years, vol. 11 of the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library, (1997) 

OVS, OTI, Oregon Tech: OREGON TECH’S FIRST 30 YEARS, 1946 – 1976 by Winston D. Purvine

The Owler, OIT’s yearbook from 1950 to 1983.  Copies are available for use at through the University Archives and in the Shaw Historical Library.

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