Retired and emeritus faculty, welcome to the Oregon Tech Library! Research does not end with retirement, and we hope you will continue to use the Library's resources and services.

The Oregon Tech Library supports the continued intellectual endeavors of retired and emeritus Oregon Tech faculty by providing their access to the library’s collections and services. Oregon Tech emeriti retain their Oregon Tech e-mail accounts and enjoy the same library privileges as current faculty. The present policy specifies the library resources and services available to each of these two categories of patrons.

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Library Resources

Borrowing and renewing materials at the Oregon Tech Library

As retired and emeritus Oregon Tech faculty, you are entitled to free borrowing privileges at the library. The borrowing period for Oregon Tech Library books is 6 months for emeritus faculty, 4 weeks for retired faculty; and 3 days check outs of periodicals for anyone.

Emeritus and retired Faculty can use a combined catalog to perform a one-stop searching in three online catalogs simultaneously: local (Oregon Tech Library), regional (Summit, with collections of 36 academic libraries from Oregon and Washington), and worldwide from home or on campus. Go to the Oregon Tech Library’s home page at and enter a search into the search box or select advanced search to see more options. 

Renew Oregon Tech Library books

Emeritus faculty, if you borrowed books from the Oregon Tech Library collection, you can check them out again at the end of the borrowing period. You need to bring the books to the library for this process to take place.

Retired faculty, you can renew your borrowed books in a number of ways:

  1. in person at the Access Services desk
  2. by phone at 541.885.1772
  3. online

Emeritus faculty will not be charged any overdue fines accrued for the Oregon Tech library items; retired faculty will be charged overdue fines; all patrons will have to pay for any lost items.

Renewal of Oregon Tech Library’s Periodicals

You can renew your borrowed periodicals in person at the Access Services desk at the Oregon Tech Library or by phone at 541.885.1772.

Renewal of Summit and ILL Materials

You cannot renew any materials you borrow from Summit.

However, if you borrowed books from the libraries outside of Summit (through WorldCat via Interlibrary Loan service), the borrowed materials can be checked out to you again. Please return them to the library for this procedure to take place. You must notify Access Services staff at least 3 days before the due date. The Access Services Manager will submit your renewal request directly to the lending library, and then will notify you whether the request has been granted or denied. There is no guarantee that a renewal request will be granted.

Information about late fees can be found on the Library Circulation page.

Proxy borrowing

As Oregon Tech Library patrons you are entitled to a proxy borrowing service. In designating a person to act as your library proxy, you are authorizing that person to check out materials and request interlibrary loans on your behalf. The selected person needs to present valid picture identification or a current Oregon Tech identification card for current faculty and staff. In order to take advantage of this service, fill out a form at the Access Services desk, and sign it together with your proxy. Note that you will be held responsible for the replacement costs, processing fees and any overdue fines that might accrue for the borrowed materials.

If you have any questions, call the Access Services Manager at 541.885.1778.

Ordering items from other libraries

If a book or an article you need is not in the Oregon Tech library collection, you can order it using Summit. The courier service usually requires 3-4 days for delivery.

Emeritus faculty may also use the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to request books from libraries outside of Oregon and Washington. Books and hardcopies of journal articles are usually received at no charge within 1-2 weeks. You can make ILL requests from any computer with internet access by filling out one of the ILL electronic request forms.

Access Services staff will notify you of all Summit and ILL materials received as hard copies. Electronically received materials will be delivered to your e-mail inbox.

Call 541.885.1772 to inquire about your requested items.

Oregon Tech Library’s journal article databases and electronic books

Due to providers’ licensing restrictions, access to the Oregon Tech library’s databases and electronic books is limited to Oregon Tech students, current faculty and staff, and emeritus faculty. Retired faculty can access and use the databases at the library as guests. Log in using “libguest” as a user name and as a password. Ask library staff member to provide the login information for the databases.

Library Services

Reference and research assistance

Ask Oregon Tech librarians for reference and research assistance in person and by phone during reference hours, online through e-mail, and in real time through virtual chat service.

For more information click here or go to Librarian Contact Info link on the Library home page.

Computer/wireless use

You are entitled to free use of the library computers when available. Retired faculty are expected to log in as guests. Emeritus faculty can use their Oregon Tech e-mail user name and password. Wireless access is available to patrons with emeritus status. Wireless printing from laptops is not available on the Oregon Tech campus at this time.

Copying and printing

Patrons with guest status will need to contact the staff at the Access Services desk in order to print. Black and white printouts are $0.10 per page. Printing documents in color costs $0.35 per page, and is done through any available computer.

The library has two self-service photocopiers that allow for bills and change at  $0.10 per side. There are also two scanners that are free of charge for all patrons.

Library Hours

During Fall, Winter, and Spring terms, the library is open 7 days a week. During Summer terms and between terms, we are open fewer hours. Please check our webpage with a list of hours.


You may donate books to the Oregon Tech library by bringing materials to the Access Services desk. Please check relevance of your donation to the library with a subject librarian. Faculty papers, academic research materials as well as other documents and memorabilia related to Oregon Tech may be donated to the Oregon Tech Historical Archive.