CU Information

The College Union Information Office provides information and answers questions about all topics related to the College Union. If you have a general Oregon Tech question, we may be able to answer that, too (or we can at least find an answer for you).

If you have any questions, give us a call at 541.885.1030.

Lost & Found

The CU Information Office serves as the lost & found for the Klamath Falls Campus. If you have lost an item, call 541.885.1030 or stop by CU Information to check if it has been found. If you've found an item, please bring it to us, and we'll try to return it to its owner.

ID Cards

If you need an ID card, we can help you! As a part of the transition to randomly generated ID numbers, all Faculty, Staff, and Students should get a new ID card as soon as possible. Your new "Tech Gold" card will be free, but hold onto it...lost cards will be $10 to replace (please pay at Cashier's Office first).

Oregon Tech Postings

The CU Information Office approves all advertisements, flyers, posters, etc. which may be posted in the buildings throughout campus (except the Residence Hall, which has its own approval process). If you would like to advertise on campus, bring your flyers to our office first, and we'll approve them for you.

There are some important guidelines about where and how flyers can hang, so be sure to read over the Posting Policy. The most important points:

  • All postings must be approved at the College Union Information Desk / 541.885.1030.
  • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the Information Desk staff will hang new postings. All postings to be hung that day must be turned into the Information Desk by 9:00 am.
  • Postings not stamped by the Information Desk will be removed.
  • No posting shall stay up for more than one month.
  • All postings must state the sponsoring department or organization, and must include contact information (contact person's name & phone number/e-mail).
  • Questions, comments and concerns can be directed to the College Union Manager at 541-885-1036.