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Empowering Students toward Success
Each team provides specific supports, opportunities, and resources to students to enhance their experience.

Who is Student Affairs & what do you do?

Student Affairs affirms the university mission by enhancing Oregon Tech’s dynamic learning community through opportunities for access, development, and success. Student Affairs departments collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and external constituents to promote engagement, encourage holistic wellness, and support persistence to graduation, as well as the realization of educational and professional aspirations for students and alumni.

The Student Affairs Office is the location for the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Dean of Students, and the Executive Assistant. The division of Student Affairs provides direct service to students in multiple offices.

Dr. Clark and her staff maintain close relationships with students and student organizations and are available for consultation and collaboration on all matters pertaining to student well-being and success.

2023-24 Student Affairs Organizational Chart

Student Affairs Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Providing news and information from the Oregon Tech Hustlin' Owls Athletic Department

Athletics Mission Statement
The mission of the Oregon Tech Athletic Department is to facilitate growth and development of its student-athletes by providing a broad-based athletic program that creates educational opportunities through the medium of competition at the collegiate level. The department also provides personal health and fitness opportunities to the campus community through its Tech-Fit facilities.

Our Vision
The Oregon Tech Athletic department is dedicated to preparing our student-athletes for professional and personal success in the real world by learning the values of integrity and excellence on the court, field, and in the classroom. To that end, we are committed to field teams with the talent and ability to compete at the top of the Cascade Collegiate Conference, as well as regionally and nationally in the NAIA while representing Oregon Tech with dignity and class.

The privilege of participation in intercollegiate athletics and dedication to team goals provides a classroom where students may experience the development of skills, sportsmanship, loyalty, self discipline, and the responsibility to be a team while learning the values of winning, losing, and competing. The Oregon Tech athletic program contributes to campus life by providing a focal point for social interaction, leadership development, involvement in peer support groups and entertainment.

Career Services

Leads the university-wide culture of career advising and professional mentorship to empower students and alumni to reach their unique career goals.

We are committed to leading a university-wide culture of career advising and professional mentorship to empower students and alumni to reach their unique career goals.

 ~ Embrace differences ~ Empower growth ~ Inspire confidence ~ Foster connections ~ Celebrate wins ~

College Union (CU)
The CU provides services, facilities, and programs designed to meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus guests.

Klamath Falls' campus community center

The College Union (or "CU" as it's known around campus) is both a physical location and an organization, which provides services, facilities, and programs designed to meet the needs of Oregon Tech students, faculty, staff, alumni, and campus guests.

Reserve one of our meeting or banquet rooms!

Fountain and College Union

Disability and Testing Services
Facilitates access to Oregon Tech programs and services for individuals with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy. 

Disability Services facilitates access to Oregon Tech programs and services for individuals with disabilities through accommodations, education, consultation, and advocacy.

Disability Services strives to promote a diverse, inclusive, supportive, and accessible learning and working environment for individuals with disabilities. The vision of the office is to promote disability as diversity and ensure individuals with disabilities have full access, inclusion, and belonging in the Oregon Tech community.

Testing Services provides a secure, equitable and professional testing environment for accommodated testing to support Oregon Tech students registered with Disability Services and those who need to schedule a make-up exam. 

Housing & Residence Life
Building community for academic success and personal growth.

Our Klamath Falls campus offers two housing facilities to allow students to stay on campus as they study, which comes with a host of perks. In addition to convenience, staying on campus has been shown to improve academic success. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in the campus culture, make lasting friendships with people of diverse backgrounds, and partake in countless activities—including annual traditions such as Tech Con, Spring Fling and the local favorite, the Halloween Haunted House.

Integrated Student Health Center
Providing and safeguarding students' physical and mental health and wellness.

The Integrated Student Health Center provides general medical care for illnesses and accidents, medical referral, counseling and wellness programs.

The mission of the Oregon Tech Integrated Student Health Center is to support students by providing tools which encourage them to be knowledgeable about and actively invested in the benefits of self-care and choosing well to maintain their physical and emotional wellness.

Your Privacy is Important to Us
Keeping your personal information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. Please be reassured that we do not share information with anyone unless you give us permission.

Military-Affiliated/ Veteran Student Services
Information about support for military-affiliated students, veterans, and those receiving Veteran Affairs/ G.I. Bill benefits

Established in 1947 as a public university with the mission to help WWII veterans successfully transition back to civilian life through technical education, we’re proud of our military support history and deeply value our service members and their families. Today, Oregon Tech continues its legacy of military support and strives to provide not only a top-notch education for our active-duty service members, veterans and dependents, but works tirelessly to make their transition to and through the university experience as supportive and efficient as possible. From processing VA educational benefits to connecting military-affiliated students with broader campus and community resources, we’re here to help. Your success is our mission!

Portland-Metro Student Services
Providing programs and services to Portland-Metro students need to achieve academic, personal and professional goals

We provide programs and services students need to achieve academic, personal and professional goals. Our programs and services are designed to provide academic support, enhance personal wellness, develop leadership and communication skills and promote a strong sense of community.

We encourage students to get involved on campus, approach faculty and staff with ideas, questions and concerns and take advantage of the resources that will help you succeed.

Student Rights & Responsibilities
It is expected that all members of the campus community will strive to foster academic excellence and integrity, both in and out of the classroom. Within this community, students are entitled to certain rights and are expected to uphold certain responsibilities.

Click on the STUDENTS page (link above) to read through your rights and responsibilities and the Student Code of Conduct. 

Each academic year, students can receive a free Student Planner from the Student Affairs team which includes a copy of the Student Code of Conduct. Students may participate in additional opportunities which are permitted to hold students to additional policies and procedures (example: Housing Handbook or Registered Student Organization Procedures).

Student Involvement and Belonging (SIB)
We know that getting involved and experiencing community is essential for student success. Get involved in activities, clubs, recreation, and more!

We promote the holistic growth and development of Oregon Tech students through involvement and support. We create a community where all feel a sense of belonging.

Ours is a campus culture that’s built not just on academic pursuits but on goals of sustainability, extracurricular activities and the right amount of nerdom.

Tech Opportunities Program (TOP)
We power the potential of first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities. 

About TOP
We power the potential of first-generation students, low-income students, and students with disabilities. Our dedicated staff provides services and support in the following areas:

  • One-on-one and group tutoring 
  • Academic, career, and financial aid planning
  • Peer mentoring and networking with other students
  • College success classes, faculty-led sessions, and workshops
  • Assistance with applying for financial aid, scholarships, and grants
  • Community building and cultural events

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In an effort to promote the health and well-being of the entire campus community, Oregon Tech policy prohibits the use of tobacco products on campus.

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