Oregon Tech to require COVID-19 vaccination for students, faculty, and staff starting Fall Term 2021

Oregon Tech students, faculty and staff that will be on campus in the fall must comply with the Oregon Tech COVID Vaccine Program. This includes completion of either the attestation of immunization process or the declination (exemption) process. There are options for medical exemptions (which require endorsement by a medical provider) and non-medical exemptions (which require the viewing of an educational module). Please visit the Vaccination Requirement page for more information.

ISHC COVID-19 message

  We are offering in-person, telephone and video conference counseling.

  Medical appointments continue to be in-person, but we can refill medication over the phone in many cases, and are exploring virtual visits as well.

  Call us at 541-885-1800 to schedule either type of appointment.

The Integrated Student Health Center, located at the main campus in Klamath Falls, provides general medical care for illnesses and accidents, medical referral, counseling and wellness programs.


The mission of the Oregon Tech Integrated Student Health Center is to support students by providing tools which encourage them to be knowledgeable about and actively invested in the benefits of self-care and choosing well to maintain their physical and emotional wellness.

Your Privacy is Important to Us
Keeping your personal information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. Please be reassured that we do not share information with anyone unless you give us permission.

Overview of Services

Take some time to learn about the services that we offer (run-time approx. 5 minutes)