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Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP)

MECOP/CECOP Internship Applications are open until March 31st

Oregon Tech students from the following majors may participate: Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Geomatics, Civil Engineering, and Software Engineering Technology.

Students normally apply during their sophomore year in college; but dual majors and out of sequence juniors may also apply. Contact Brian Moravec for more information.

MECOP internship: Josh Vail programming optical measurement machine

The Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP) at Oregon Institute of Technology demonstrates the power of an effective business/education partnership.

The source of strength for the program is the imaginative ideas they are founded upon: support by a voluntary annual assessment on member companies; a high order of industry interaction with the higher education systems and its students; and continual improvement as the educational institution adjusts its curriculum on recommendations made by the industry partners.

Five-Year Degree/Two Six-Month Internships

Much discussion has evolved around the inability of major universities to provide an adequate education in engineering in a four-year program. Economic limitations hinder their ability to keep up with state-of-the-art technology. With this in mind, we feel we are providing the best of both worlds the University for the technical/theoretical background, and selected industries for the practical, state-of-the-art applications. Our goal is to supply the Northwest with the best engineers with the necessary tools to be true contributors in their chosen fields.

Advisory Board

Each company appoints a representative to serve on the MECOP Advisory Board. The board serves a vital role for the program. The board members develop, help manage, and actively participate in all program activities. These activities include but are not limited to curriculum development, financial support, student selection, development of internship sites, placement of students into internships, and promotion of MECOP.

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator, Prof. Brian Moravec, is responsible for the implementation and administration of the program. It is a full-time position supported by the MECOP Board. This method insures accountability to both industry and Oregon Tech, and promotes a balance between the two interests.

Financial Support

Each Full Board member pays a fee to the program, depending on the size of the company. This amount is determined by the board, and the funds are used to support the Program Coordinators position, along with administrative and other expenses which are incurred in cooperative programs of this nature.

Student Selection

Students are selected into the program through two screening processes. First, they are screened academically in their sophomore year. This is primarily an effort to ensure that students are academically qualified to take upper-division courses. A second screening takes place through an interview process during which all members of the MECOP Board interview the students applying for the program. The goal of this screening is to make every effort to ensure that the students are qualified and ready for future internship placement.


The program's objective is to develop students through a variety of high quality manufacturing companies and firms that employ a wide range of engineering disciplines. To insure this, the students are required to intern at two different companies. This allows both the University and the students a more representative view of today's diverse engineering opportunities.

Intern Placement

Representatives from each company offering internships for students in the program are required to participate in placing the students into internships. The process consists of an informal social gathering introducing students and representatives, followed by interviews. Each student is interviewed by a group of company representatives to ask questions and clarify students needs and expectations in an internship. The purpose is to match students and companies, achieving mutual benefits to all parties.

Student Participation

First year: 
Begin lower division course work. 
Second year: 
Complete lower division course work. Apply and interview for MECOP at the end of the year. 
Third year: 
Attend MECOP seminar. Begin upper division course work. Interview for first internship. Work for one of the MECOP companies spring and summer. 
Fourth year: 
Attend MECOP seminar. Continue upper division course work. Interview for second internship. Work for a second MECOP company summer and fall. 
Fifth year: 
Attend MECOP seminar. Complete upper division course work and receive Bachelor of Science degree.


Brian Moravec, MECOP Program Director

 Boivin Hall 171

Benefits of MECOP

  • Real work experience
  • Two six-month internships
  • Opportunity to experience the real work environments, tryout different sectors of industries, management styles, etc.
  • Learn early in your career what an engineer really is like
  • Learn from experience your academic and personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Make more informed course selections upon return to the university
  • Have motivation or reasons to apply yourself
  • Finance all or a major part of your education
  • Develop the ability to understand and grasp course content upon return to the university
  • Develop maturity and confidence
  • Become highly marketable after graduating
  • Make contacts in industry that last a lifetime