tuition and fees

The estimated fee schedule for the academic year is provided for planning purposes only. Fees are subject to change.

Annual Rates for Resident Undergraduate Students at 15 Credit Hours Per Term
*NOTE: The difference in costs are the associated fees for Portland-Metro and Klamath Falls campus
  Tuition Tuition and Fees
Klamath Falls $9,572 $11,622*
Portland-Metro $9,572 $9,986*
Oregon Tech Tuition
**Students in certain high cost programs – including engineering and allied health degrees – pay what is called differential tuition, a higher tuition rate which ensures that students in lower-cost programs are not subsidizing students in higher cost programs.
2021-22 Per Credit
Undergraduate Resident $212.72
WUE $319.05
Non-Resident $677.02
Differential** 37%
Special Programs Medical Lab Sciences (Resident) $291.40
Medical Lab Sciences (Non-Resident) $526.88
Paramedic (Resident) $232.63
Paramedic (Non-Resident) $333.59
Chemeketa Dental Hygiene (Resident) $232.63
Chemeketa Dental Hygiene (Non-Resident) $755.49
Graduate Resident $489.21
Non-Resident $821.25
Differential** 37%
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