John F. Moehl Stadium Construction

The John F. Moehl Stadium began construction in 1978, and was completed in 1979. At that time, the OIT Booster Club and Foundation were looking for a project to undertake that would better the university and decided to begin work on fundraising for a football stadium, as football was currently being played at Modoc Field at Klamath Union High School.

John F. Moehl was a member of both the Booster Club and Foundation, and was a large part of the fundraising efforts. At the time, Moehl was Executive Vice President for the Klamath Basin-based company, Modoc Lumber. When Moehl passed away unexpectedly during the planning and early ground work, Laurence Shaw, Owner of Modoc Lumber, and Tom Shaw, President of Modoc Lumber, took it upon themselves to donate a considerable amount of money, building supplies, and materials to the University to continue construction. With this donation came the stipulation that the stadium be named in honor of John F. Moehl.

This project could not have been completed without the work of Moehl, the Shaw’s, and many of those involved who donated hundreds of hours. John F. Moehl Stadium still stands, and to this day represents the Klamath Basin joining together to better our community.