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An Applied Psychology degree is an excellent fit for students hoping to pursue counseling, teaching, research, graduate school, applied behavior analysis, business, and many other careers.

Applied Psychology students learn about how humans develop over time, how our brain functions, how we act in social situations, what affects our physical and mental health, how to assess and identify psychological disorders, and how to provide a variety of evidenced-based interventions to people in need.

Our program provides a strong core curriculum designed to meet American Psychological Association (APA) standards. It emphasizes how to apply knowledge and skills so you are highly prepared for a variety of careers. Core courses include Human Development, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods, Behavior Modification, Counseling, and Career Preparation.

This strong base is complemented with the flexibility to select from a diverse set of applied elective courses. Academic advisors help students design an in-depth and personalized course sequence that best prepares them for their chosen career. Courses are taught with an emphasis on engagement, critical thinking, applying knowledge to real-world situations, building strengths, and practicing the specific skills necessary for immediate employment or graduate school upon graduating with this degree.

Skills Based Focus

Allows students to identify personal strengths, apply knowledge to real-world situations, create and implement new ideas, and ultimately be prepared to immediately enter the workforce or continue on to graduate programs.

Applied Experience

Students participate in externships, advanced research courses, and/or community work to prepare themselves for exciting and rewarding careers in psychology or for additional coursework in graduate programs.

Opportunities to Further Enrich Academic Experience Include:

  • Service and professional development clubs (e.g., Psychology Club, Psi Chi Honors Society, Circle K)
  • Research projects with faculty
  • Teaching assistant for a class
  • Regional psychological conferences (e.g., Western Psychological Association).

Additionally, Oregon Tech provides valuable Master of Science degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis for interested applied psychology degree graduates.

Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Science

There are a Wide Variety of Job Options Available for our Applied Psychology Degree Graduates:

Career Options Include:

  • Qualified Mental Health Associate
  • Careers in Applied Behavior Analysis including Behavior Analyst and Registered Behavior Technician
  • DHS Child Welfare Caseworkers
  • Probation and Parole Officer
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Career/School Counselor

Local Employers of Recent Psychology Graduates:

  • Klamath Basin Behavioral Health
  • Department of Human Services
  • Lutheran Community Services
  • Sky Lakes Medical Center
  • Klamath City or County School District
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Laura Morgan Alumna
Alumni, Class of 2020
“I have really enjoyed my four years at Oregon Tech so much that I know I want to work for Oregon Tech after graduation. I love the atmosphere of campus and could see myself going here every day to help students achieve their dreams. ”

This is an exciting and life changing degree for anyone interested in the human mind, human behavior, social dynamics, and psychological interventions to affect positive change.