Applicants must be Oregon Tech's BSREE or BSEE students in good standing, with GPA of 3.0 or better, and in the year prior to graduation of their undergraduate degree.

Application Process

Step 1: Prepare your application your application includes the following documents:

  • Cover Page
  • Academic plan for the next two years or until completion of both degrees.
    • BSREE students replace 9 credits of their senior sequence with 9 credits of a graduate specialization sequence.
    • BSEE students replace 9 credits of Engineering Technical Electives with one graduate-level REE sequence in Electric Power (REE 529, REE 549, and REE 569), or PV Systems and Processing (REE 525, REE 545, REE 565), or another adviser-approved MSREE sequence.
    • Replace 3 terms of ENGR 465 Capstone Project  with 3 terms of REE 599 Graduate Project.
  • Personal statement (500 – 750 words) explaining how you meet the admissions requirements of potential for excellence in graduate-level academic work in the field, potential for success in industry, and other information that you feel will support your application.
  • Resume
  • GRE Scores, if you have taken them.

Step 2: Email your complete application to the MSREE program director with the subject line “Concurrent BSEE/MSREE” or “Concurrent BSREE/MSREE”. Include your academic advisor and your two faculty references in the cc field. Attachment files are named with your last name and the type of document, i.e. "Smith_application”.

Step 3: Ask your two EERE faculty references to send a brief recommendation over email to the MSREE program director. Members of the MSREE Admission Committee cannot be references to applicants.


  • Priority will be given to applications received by April 1.
  • Applications will be received until May 31.
  • Only complete applications of eligible applicants received by the deadlines will be given consideration by the Admissions Committee. Admission to the MSREE is a competitive process; admission is not guaranteed to Oregon Tech students.


The BS/MSREE program is a concurrent degree in which both degrees, BS and MS, are conferred at the end of the 5th year. The MSREE does NOT have a 4+1 option, in which the BS degree is conferred at the end of the 4th year, and the MS degree at the end of the 5th.

Once all application materials have been received by the Admissions Committee, including recommendations from other EERE faculty, it takes less than 3 weeks.

Use the remaining time of your BS degree to achieve and maintain a strong GPA. Even if your GPA was not strong enough to qualify for the concurrent BS/MS program now, you may become an excellent candidate for the post-bac MSREE degree.

No, all decisions are final, but you can apply the following year to the post-bac MSREE.

Yes, the MSREE program director will be the secondary advisor the first year of the program. The second year of the program, the MSREE program director becomes the primary advisor and the undergraduate advisor the secondary advisor.

Graduate projects solve an engineering problem following the engineering design process. Graduate theses answer a question following the scientific method. Both, projects and thesis, must include an element of novelty. A graduate project is a graduation requirement for students in the BS/MSREE program.

Students in the BS/MSREE degree substitute the undergraduate senior project with a graduate project.

No, graduate thesis or Coursework-only options are reserved for post-bac MSREE students with a prior BS degree form an ABET accredited program.

Not really, it just gets replaced by a MSREE technical sequence.

Three courses of the senior sequence, and three terms of capstone project.

No, BSREE technical electives are an undergraduate degree requirement. In rare cases, an additional MSREE technical elective course can be used to fulfill one undergraduate technical elective course if prerequisites are fulfilled and instructor and advisor approve, but the student will need to pay graduate tuition.

Please consult the Financial Aid office at 541-885-1280.