Meet the MMET Faculty

Our professors are dedicated teachers who hold advanced credentials, are committed to innovative education and maintain strong connections to the fields they teach. They also are practicing manufacturing engineers with extensive industrial experience.

Klamath Falls Campus

Brian Moravec, Professor and Associate Dean of ETM College


David Culler, Professor


Steve Edgeman, Assistant Professor and BSMET/BSMFG Program Director


Randy Shih, Professor and Scheduling Coordinator


Irina Demeshko, Associate Professor and Advising Coordinator


Sean Sloan, Associate Professor


Don Lee, Associate Professor


Yanqing Gao, Associate Professor


Barbara Metcalf, Administrative Program Specialist


Philip Dussel, Instrument Technician - Level 3


OIT-Seattle Campus

Steve Addison, Interim Department Chair, Associate Professor, OIT-Seattle Site Director, and MSMFG Program Director


Nathan Mead, Professor


Wahab Abrous, Associate Professor


Marcus Harrell, OIT-Seattle Programs Representative - Level 2


Portland-Metro Campus

Robert Paxton, Associate Professor and Portland-Metro Site Director

Wangping Sun, Professor

 Wilsonville 422

Mike Myers, Associate Professor and OMIC Research Member

 Wilsonville 414

Cliff Stover, Associate Professor and Lab/Project Director

Mostafa Saber, Associate Professor and OMIC Research Member

Professor Emeritus

Hugh Currin, Professor (Retired)

Lawrence Wolf, Professor (Retired) and Past Oregon Tech President


Brian Moravec, Professor and Interim Department Chair