Congratulations to the 2023 IDEAfest Klamath Falls winners:

First Place: Nicki Johnson Native Bees of OregonSecond Place: Taylor Hampton, Building a Development Department for IYSThird Place: Benjamin Adams, Autonomous Hydroponic NFT System

Over 60 presenters participated in IDEAfest 2023, and all did an amazing job with their projects.

The 2023 Idea Fest will include several competitive prizes, including, but not limited to, Best Poster, Best Interactive Presentation of Research, and more.

IdeaFest logo

IdeaFest 2023 is ready to launch

This year we have $2,500 in prize money for the top three IdeaFest submissions. Please complete the Qualtrics form as soon as possible and be on the lookout for additional information as the event draws closer. There will also be a significant community presence throughout the event at the Klamath Falls campus, Friday, June 2, 2023, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm with a number of VIPS on campus reviewing your great work. Awards will be judged based on a rubric, including the originality of the work presented, the potential impact of the research or project, and your presentation. Please note the resource learning center staff is prepared to help you with your posters, resources, etc.

Frequent updates will also be posted on the OIT webpage and through email. If you have any questions, email me at and I will respond asap.

Portland-Metro Event:

  • Student Project, May 31st 

Klamath Falls Event:

  • Faculty & Staff Research Symposium, June 1st
  • Student Project, June 2nd

Oregon Tech’s IdeaFest is an event intended to showcase the type of projects that students conduct during their studies at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

The event is held annually at the end of Spring term at both the Klamath Falls and Portland-Metro campuses. It provides an opportunity for students from the different programs to share their work, as well as get to see other projects.

IdeaFest includes project posters and demonstrations. Students, faculty, family members, employers, educational and industrial partners, as well as other members of the public are invited to attend.



Wednesday, May 31st Student Project Ideafest – Portland-Metro

Event TIme

4:00pm to 5:00pm

Student Project Poster Session

5:00pm to 6:30pm

Thursday, June 1st Faculty & Staff Research Symposium

University Research Committee General Sessions
Event Location Time Presenter(s) & Title of Presentation
Open Educational Resources at Oregon Tech

CEET Auditorium,
Lower Level,
Room 121

Portland-Metro Room: 106

Zoom Link:

Facilitator: Kristin Whitman


Title: OER Lightning Talks and Q&A

Amber Lancaster and Markie Scheidegger
Dollars and Sense: Perceptions of OER

Sharon Beaudry and Vicki Crooks
Equity & OER: Beyond Savings Students $$

Chris Hamper (PM)
Transforming emergency medical technician education through open resources

Derrick Speaks (PM)
Open textbook adoption projects in mechanical engineering

10 mins – Q & A

Introduction to the Research Centers at Oregon Tech

CEET Auditorium,
Lower Level,
Room 121

Portland-Metro Room: 106

Zoom Link:

Facilitator: Kyle Chapman


Arief Budiman: OREC (Oregon Renewable Energy Center)

Kyle Chapman: AIRE Center (Advancing Interdisciplinary Research on the Environment)

Introduction to the Workload Reallocation Process

CEET Auditorium
Lower Level
Room 121

Portland-Metro Room 106

Zoom Link:

Facilitator: Kyle Chapman





Kyle Chapman: Review Workload Reallocation Process and Form

Q & A

4:00pm to 5:30pm Sessions 1, 2,3 Run Concurrently in-person or via Zoom

Session Number Location Time Presenter(s), Department & Title of Presentation
Session #1 CEET 224
Facilitator: Yuehai Yang
Zoom Link:
4:00pm No presenter at this time.
    4:15pm Marybeth Grant-Beuttler (Physical therapy)
Title: "Idiopathic Toe Walking: How Can Physical Therapists Address this Diagnosis"
    4:30pm Ben Bunting (HUM)
Title: "Languages of Power, Languages of Protest: Exploring the Rhetorics of Game Maps"
    4:45pm Dawn Bailey & Krista Beaty (HUM & Dental Hygiene)
Title: "Increasing Tolerance of Dental Visits for Children with ASD Utilizing Desensitization and Communication Training"
    5:00pm Kevin Brown, Vanessa Bennett, Terri Torres (COM, MIT & MATH)
Title: "Masking Communication: An Examination of Masks and Health Care"
    5:15pm Q & A
Session Number Location Time Presenter(s), Department & Title of Presentation
Session #2 CEET 226

Facilitator: Tim Pasang
Zoom Link:

4:00pm Kerry Farris (Natural Sciences)
Title: "Moore Park as an Outdoor Laboratory for Undergraduate Research"
    4:15pm Nate Bickford (Natural Sciences)
Title: "What Greens Give Thumper Long Ears and Big Feet, Understanding the Influence of Vegetation on Space Use of Desert Cottontails"
    4:30pm Christy VanRooyen & Terri Torres (Natural Sciences & Math)
Title: "Pollinator Research at Oregon Tech"
    4:45pm Jintai Wang & Carter Wilson (Civil Engineering)
Title: "Undrained Deformation and Liquefaction Potential of Diatomaceous Soil under Cyclic Stresses"
    5:00pm Tim Pasang (MMET)
Title: "Additive Manufacturing at Oregon Tech"
    5:15pm Q & A
Number Location Time Presenter(s), Department & Title of Presentation
Session #3 CEET 250

Facilitator: Sonja Bickford
Zoom Link:                                                                                                                                                    

4:00pm Sharon Beaudry, Kristy Weidman, & Sonja Bickford (Management)
Title: "Building, Teaching, and Learning in a Classroom of the Future: How Oregon Tech’s Entrepreneurial Center Drives Innovation"
    4:15pm Madhusudan Singh (Management)
Title: "Healthcare 4.0: Blockchain Enabled IoT Devices for Medication Management System"
    4:30pm Hallie Neupert (Management)
Title: "Connecting the Dots: Oregon Tech's I&E Ecosystem"
    4:45pm Rishikesh Sahay (Management)
Title: "CyberShip-IoT: A Dynamic and Adaptive SDN-based Security Policy Enforcement Framework for Ships"
    5:00pm Tariq Masood (EERE), Syed Umer Abdi, and Muhammad Anus Masood
Title: "TCSC Prototype Device Design and Configuration Technique to Control and Mitigate Loop Flow, and Bottlenecks in the Complex Power System Network to Prevent Possible Major Blackout"
    5:15pm Q & A
Event Location Time Poster Session

Poster Session & Reception

CEET Upper Common Area                      


Sonja Bickford, Nate Bickford, Kristy Weidman
Stacie Neely
Sonja Bickford, Hallie Neupert, Nate Bickford
Kimberly Pratt
Arief Budiman
Ashley Hansen
Riley Richards
Jesse Kinder
Madhusudan Singh
Kari Lundgren
Zoe Smiley
Tariq Masood
Filip Trier, Claire Wilson, William Soriano, Yuehai Yang
Lee Mitchell
Robyn Wilde

Friday, June 2nd Student Project IdeaFest - Klamath Falls

Project Time Project Information

10:00am to 4:00pm

The Klamath Falls Police department purchased a HD2-S mastiff from SuperDroid robots to allow the department to get information and communicate in environments where it would not be safe to send an officer. The purpose of this project is to restore some functionality to this robot and establish a strong foundation for future improvements.
UAV Vector Spray Drone 10:00am to 4:00pm Designed and manufactured an agriculture spray drone that will be used for environmental vector spraying across the west coast and parts of Africa.
RoverSub/RoboSub 10:00am to 4:00pm Oregon Tech's Robotics Club (AUVSIR) and MMET Senior Project group designs and builds a fully autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Our primary goal is to create a new submarine chassis including a modular design that enables the submarine to move both underwater and on land. Our project is continually improved each year to establish a legacy for OIT Robotics. We strive to make a lasting impact not only in our competition but also in our community, school, and team members.
Additive Manufacturing Post Process 10:00am to 4:00pm "This project is a collaboration with OMIC R&D and the Oregon Tech Klamath Falls campus. The primary goal of this project was to look at potential increases in tensile strength after heat treatment and if the parts could reach the strength of a typical 316l stainless steel part."
AIRE Center - Research on health impacts from wildfire smoke in the NW 10:00am to 4:00pm The current research aims to uncover the most appropriate level of health and exposure data to use in southwestern Oregon to provide accurate estimates of impact while protecting people’s privacy. The study compares results from two analyses using data at different levels of detail. One case-crossover analysis uses air quality monitor exposure data and aggregated hospital visits. The other uses modeled pollution exposure estimates at the patients’ home addresses. A cost-benefit analysis will quantify any improvement in insight gained from these more detailed levels of data.
Change Management System 10:00am to 4:00pm Templates were created using Smartsheet to improve consistent use throughout Cascade Health Alliance.
Marketing Plan for Crater Lake Zipline 10:00am to 4:00pm Marketing audit and implementation of new strategies for Crater Lake Zipline.
Oregon Tech Instagram Analysis 10:00am to 4:00pm This project is an analysis of current social media standings as Oregon Tech compares to market standard, as well as emphasizing what makes us stand out as an organization.
Dawson Construction Ketchikan Yard Improvements
10:00am to 4:00pm A Lean Six Sigma project focused on organization and optimization of the Dawson Construction material staging yard in Ketchikan, Alaska. 
Staff Satisfaction Survey Analysis 10:00am to 4:00pm Analyzing Klamath Health Partnership staff satisfaction through yearly surveys that are generated by a third-party contractor. Qualitative and quantitative analysis is conducted to identify trends and themes. Thus, offer KHP recommendations for satisfaction improvement. 
Consumer Preferences in Brick & Mortar Sports Equipment Retail 
10:00am to 4:00pm There are likely customer preferences that are unknown by sports equipment retailers. The goal of this project is to assess consumer preferences in brick & mortar sports equipment retail to make recommendations to retailers. Klamath Basin Sports is used for this project for background information and to present findings to. Data for this project is collected through survey distribution and analysis.
Simplifying Inventory Control 10:00am to 4:00pm A lean six sigma project focused on reducing the amount of time it takes to get an accurate count of inventory in less than 60 seconds down from the mean (average) time of 9 and 19.3 seconds by implementing an inventory software system as well as a standard operating procedure geared to the software.
Microfluids 10:00am to 4:00pm Mechanical Engineering Senior Project students in collaboration with the BioTechnology Research Laboratory have performed research into manufacturing microfluidic devices at Oregon Tech. The microfluidic devices will be used by the new lab being built in CEET to study how complex fluid flows affect biological phenomena such as cancer cell intravasation and extravasation, which are integral steps in cancer metastasis.
Balancing Risk: Fuel Reduction Treatments 10:00am to 4:00pm Moore Park is a valued community resource providing year-round recreational opportunities for the citizens of Klamath Falls. Most of the park is comprised of native vegetation adapted to a frequent, low severity fire regime, but the last century of fire-suppression has resulted in unnaturally dense stands capable of carrying high intensity crown fires. In response to this serious community risk, the City of Klamath Falls Parks Department preemptively implemented a series of fuel-reduction projects between 2005 and 2011 that successfully removed areas of dense shrubs, thereby reducing the probability of a ground fire climbing into the overstory tree canopy...
Individual DDOSA attacks as a means of Digital Protest 10:00am to 4:00pm --
Campus Cartography: The Translation Between Digital Maps and Physical Space 10:00am to 4:00pm --
Solar Powered Heating System 10:00am to 4:00pm --
Project Time Project Information
Second Opinion 10:00am to
Second Opinion is a subscription based app idea that lets users connect to a second opinion for a variety of reasons such as settling an opinion based dispute, helping users make trivial decisions like what to where or eat for dinner. The second opinions are provided by real people called ‘Opinionators’ and are selected after completing a survey based screening process. Opinionators may eventually be replaced with AI.
Hyaluronan in Cancer 10:00am to
My research question that I have been looking at throughout this school year is, “how does swelling of hyaluronan affect cells viability, motility, and how it responds to chemotherapy.” Not only did I want to see if the cells will have movement or even survive, but I wanted to see how they would survive under chemotherapy after going through all that stress and pressure. The first part of the procedure would require suspending the cells in the oil. After suspending the cells in oil, we will transfer the HA and cells into a water-based solution (DMEM). From there, we will place the cells in a container with HA and place a strainer down on the cells to confine them to one spot. Afterwards, the cells should increase from taking on some of the liquid. From there, we will look at the viability, motility, and response to the chemotherapy in response to the cells being under pressure.
Building a Development 10:00am to
For 34 years, IYS has poured their heart, assets, and resources into their programs but have never considered having a firm marketing strategy. The structure for gaining community support, funding, and getting the word out about the organization has been a bootleg operation until now. This project aims to bring light to a new way of functioning while having a strategic and modern day approach to marketing and development.
Effects of positive and negative reinforcement on reaching exercise goals 10:00am to
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of positive and negative reinforcement contingencies on exercise behavior. Research studies have demonstrated support for the use of reinforcement contingencies (i.e., contingency management) for a variety of health-related behaviors, including smoking, substance use, and exercise.
Inventory Accuracy in Warehouse at the Air Force Base 10:00am to
Improving the accuracy of inventory in the warehouse by 50% through a cycle count audit.
Prior Authorization Process for Standard Medical Medicaid Authorizations 10:00am to
A senior project dedicated to improving the time of completion for standard medical prior authorizations for Cascade Health Center.
Event planning: Music Garden 10:00am to
Event planning, focusing on Music Garden. Figuring out how to successfully operate an event with a team and discuss the success and fails.
"Outpatient Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy Scripting in the Healthcare Provider Environment" 10:00am to
The project is assessing scripting in the healthcare provider environment, specifically comparing the process of clinical documentation at Sky Lakes Medical Center's Outpatient Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy facility compared to others.
PCR Identification of Upper Klamath Lake Algal Blooms 10:00am to
We collected water samples from Upper Klamath Lake throughout different months in Summer and Fall of 2022 and extracted DNA from each sample. Our goal is to identify which Cyanobacteria species are present through the process of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).
Relationship Building Program 10:00am to
Oregon Tech’s Relationship Building Program (RBP) provides mentorship to families whose children are in foster care due to child abuse and neglect. Mentors provide supervision during family visits and support the family in recreational activities designed to improve parenting skills, strengthen parent-child bonds, and increase connections with community resources.
Use of Slime Molds to Model Pathways 10:00am to
The shortest path problem is one commonly accepted by mathematicians and engineers as one of the more interesting in computational geometry. We can see this through problems such as the traveling salesman problem and the wide path problem, both of which seek to solve the shortest path problems.
A Pyramidal Model of Behavior Skills Training to Conduct Functional Communication Training in Natural Settings 10:00am to
A study conducted in an elementary school in which teachers are being trained in their classrooms to perform an intervention with their students. The teachers will then train a paraprofessional to perform the same intervention with the students. This study hopes to demonstrate that not only can the teacher learn to perform the intervention with fidelity but that they can also teach it to someone else who will perform it with fidelity.
Self behavior Modification specific to overuse of cellphone 10:00am to
The project will briefly describe how I addressed cellphone use as a behavioral excess. Describe how I designed a self modification treatment plan. Then describe how I carried out my plan and the results described by data.
Behavior Modification "Reduction in the habit of Vaping using behavioral modification 10:00am to
My project is one that I created for a self-control assignment in a behavioral modification class at OIT. Through this project, I reduced the habit of vaping by applying behavioral modification techniques over the course of seven weeks.
Branding in the PNW 10:00am to
Exploring the Role of Destination Branding and Affinity on Consumer Purchase Decision in the Arctic and Pacific Northwest
Copus and DART Comparative Research 10:00am to
The project focuses on comparing two recently-developed research instruments: COPUS (Classroom Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM) and DART (Decibel Analysis for Research in Teaching). This project seeks to determine how precisely DART data (automatically generated from an audio file via software) corresponds to COPUS data (coded manually from a video file).
Schlierening Imaging and Acoustic Levitation 10:00am to
Endocannabinoid System 10:00am to
Endocannabinoid CB1 Receptor Immunoreactivity and Expression in a Rat Brain
AGRO-PV DOME 10:00am to
Drone use for Crop Yield
Project Time Project Information
Sprout 10:00am to
Automatic IoT plant watering and diagnostic systems
Native Bees of Oregon Tech 10:00am to
Native pollinators are important biological indicators of the environment, play an imperative role in ecosystem services, and attribute to food production globally. Native bee populations are declining due to climate change, environmental toxins, and habitat loss... This ongoing research will be utilized to monitor phenological trends with shifting climate change and fire regimes in the Klamath Basin.
Plant Monitor 10:00am to
This partially embedded project utilizes a Raspberry PI to read information from a soil moisture sensor and light level sensor to determine the health of plants. The data is sent to a mobile app that allows users to check in on the status of their plants. Users also have access to a plant database that contains information about various types of plants.
Pollen Collection and analysis of Native flora 10:00am to
At Oregon Tech, we have been studying floral resource use by Apis mellifera through pollen trapping in our apiary. Pollen traps were set weekly throughout the summer months, and then samples were locally identified and sent for analysis through BEEODIVERSITY to verify the specific floral resources from which our bees are taking pollen. Using this pollen data along with Broodminder hive monitor data, we are able to get a nuanced picture of which flora is preferred by the different colonies in our apiary.
The Effect Of A Cooking Class Program On The Knowledge and Skills of College Students Living On Campus. 10:00am to
Cooking ability and confidence improve students’ food security and have a healthier diet. Through providing a cooking class, students can improve their ability and confidence in cooking. Results indicated that students who participated in the cooking classes provided improved their ability and confidence.
Gnomad 10:00am to
A travel assistant with pins for free Wi-Fi, restrooms, gas stations, and more. A cellular overlay lets users know where they can expect to have cell service.
Autonomous Hydroponic NFT System 10:00am to
Automated hydroponic NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) setup
Autonomous Invasive Species Eradication Drone Attachment 10:00am to
Invasive species and weeds are a major problem in today's world. Dealing with their eradication is an even bigger one. Imagine being able to do that without the intensive labor and effort required to accomplish weeding out these nuisance plant species. What our group is proposing is to automate this process with a device which will handle the identification and eradication autonomously with machine learning and drone technologies.
Eyeview 10:00am to
"EyeView is a navigational device that helps prevent drivers from looking away from the road to view GPS information on their phone. EyeView allows users to focus on driving while also providing turn-by-turn GPS information into the field of view of the driver. EyeView also helps older cars implement a sleek, and modern approach to GPS navigation."
Actually Confidential attachments 10:00am to
ACA shows proof of concept of ACA's Image Settings which allows the user to decide rather an image they send can be screenshot, shared, or downloaded.
Ghido 10:00am to
Gantt chart web addon for Jira developed for IGT and its managers.
Tifodo 10:00am to
Tifodo will use a swiping system alongside a machine learning recommendation algorithm to match users with video games, anime, and potentially other forms of media. Additionally, users will be able to create user groups which will receive media recommendations generated based on aggregated data from each member’s interest lists. Our concept for Tifodo is a mobile app whose goal is to provide users with tailored recommendations that answer the increasingly prevalent questions, “What is there to watch? What is there to play?”
Them's Fighting Words 10:00am to
A multiplayer competitive scrabble-like game where instead of earning points, damage is done to other players​. There are random effect tiles scattered across the board.
Numerical Solution 10:00am to
Numerical Solution to the Schrodinger Equation Using the Numerov Method
Positronium Scattering by the Fluorine Method
10:00am to
Molecular Change Densities
Motorized Dobsonian Telescope 10:00am to
Hand Solo 10:00am to
The project is an interactive robotic hand that teaches the alphabet in American sign language.
Purifer 10:00am to
Automated Water Purifer