Better known as the Physics Lab, this classroom offers a number of experimental equipment to better understand some of the basic concepts in physics. Students learn about different types of sensors, actuators, and the design and implementation of hardware and software that is used to operate energy systems. Here you can also study projectile motion, harmonic motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and many other exciting topics. If you need a dedicated space to study physics along with a projector and laptop connection, this lab is the place for you.

Physics Lab
Instrumentation/Controls/Physics Lab


The Instrumentation/Controls/Physics Lab has many different tools that allow students to better understand the basic concepts of Newtonian Physics. The Instrumentation/Controls/Physics Lab is equipped with pneumatic drops, a power bus, and a host of analytical devices for testing working systems. Hand tools are standard as well as additional supplies and training aids.

Instrumentation Controls Physics Lab Equipment Rack
Equipment Rack


Working System
Working System