Lab Monitors
What is a Lab Monitor? Lab Monitors are students at Oregon Tech Wilsonville who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of safety in our applied labs and have come forward to assist other students in the pursuit of their education. They have completed a series of requirements for safety and accountability so they might obtain additional lab access during normal campus hours. During their open lab times, they act on behalf of Laboratories Staff to ensure their fellow students have the resources they need to be successful.

After taking a safety exam for the subject or area of interest, there is a form that must be completed and signed by the Laboratories Director, then a ProxCard is issued to the student. Lab Monitors are required to be present in a the lab for which they are qualified a minimum of five hours a week. It is not a paid position.

Your job as a Lab Monitor is to open the room for your shift, enforce the standards of safety for the tasks being performed, and ensure that the work areas are left clean. If you would like to participate, contact Richard Ellis and request to be enrolled in the Oregon Tech Wilsonville Blackboard online safety course.

Lara Pracht, Director of Academic Affairs

Richard Ellis, Instrument Technologist - Mechanical

 Wilsonville 135