Lego Camp

Explorer - Beginner 

July 25 - July 28

Grades 1-3


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Navigator - Intermediate

August 1 - 4

Grades 4-6


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LEGO Explorer (Grades 1-3 in September 2022)

Dates: July 25 - 28
Times: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. each day 
Location: Oregon Tech, Purvine Hall - lower level, Klamath Falls Campus
Ages: 7 – 9 years (minimum age is 7 or enrolling in 1st grade; no previous experience)

Experience the wonderful world of LEGO's with the WeDo 2.0 system, our students build simple to complicated structures, vehicles and machines then code them to interact with the surrounding environment. The experience is fun and exciting and they learn lifelong skills and make new friends! While building, they learn the fundamental principles of engineering, enhance personal creativity, learn to collaborate with their partner and create without fear of mistakes. Each day students build upon the skills they learned the previous day, preparing them for the next level of LEGO Robotics.

LEGO Navigator (Grades 4-6 in September 2022)

Dates: August 1 - 4
Times: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. each day 
Location: Oregon Tech, Purvine Hall - lower level, Klamath Falls Campus
Ages: 9 - 12 years (minimum age is 9 or enrolling in 4th grade; and LEGO Beginner experience preferred)

Explore renewable energy through the use of LEGO EV3 systems, students will be guided through renewable energy engineering principles and create a variety of machines to harness the world's power. Attendees will build a solar oven, and participate in an on-campus walking field trip to view Renewable Energy in action at the Oregon Tech Geo-Heat Center and on-site solar field.

Camp Tuition and Fees:

LEGO camps are offered at no cost to students this year!

Camp Schedule and Lunch:

LEGO Explorer and Navigator camps are half days from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Campers may be dropped off no earlier than 7:45 a.m. and must be picked up within 30 minutes of camp ending.

Optional lunch is provided during Explorer and Navigator camps, and may be eaten on site or taken home. Lunch will be provided for all LEGO Challenger participants. Most dietary needs can be accommodated with advanced notice, please contact Camp Director for specific requests. Lunches must be requested during registration.

*Campers must meet age or grade requirements on or before the first day of camp. No exceptions to age limits.

Camper Code of Conduct:

Both you and your parent/guardian must sign this document indicating that you have read and understand the camp rules. Please return to the Coordinator on first day of camp.