Do you want to change your major or campus? Submit changes using this form. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to update your student record.

Who should use this form?

  • Students who have not yet registered for classes.
  • Students attending the Klamath Falls or Wilsonville campuses

Who should not use this form?

  • Distance Education students. Why? Distance Education has program specific applications and requirements. Please contact them at to make any changes.
  • Students who want to change their term. If you want to change your start term please go to, use the same Login ID and PIN you used before to create a new application. If you have forgotten your login and pin please send your full name and birth date to
  • Students who have already registered for classes. Why? You’ll need to contact the Registrar’s Office to change terms so you can drop classes (and avoid being charged for them). If you change your major, you’ll want to be sure you’re registered for courses that apply to your new degree plan.

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Questions? We're happy to answer at Oregon Tech Admissions. 541-885-1150 Toll Free 1-800-422-2017