The Oregon Tech Budget and Planning Office assists the Vice President for Finance and Administration in ensuring the financial integrity of the institution.

Mission and Priorities


The Budget and Planning Office (BPO) for Oregon Tech actively supports teaching, research, service and outreach by producing and communicating financial information. In addition, the BPO plans and manages the financial resources available to the University as efficiently and effectively as possible in support of the University’s mission.

We accomplish this by producing, maintaining, analyzing, and forecasting accurate, impartial, and comprehensive information about the University’s financial past, present, and future. We communicate that information in a clear, useful, and timely manner to constituents inside and outside the University, so they may make the best possible planning, financial policy, and resource allocation decisions for the institution. Our goal is to ensure that financial decisions are equitable, implemented properly and consistently, are data-driven, and achieve their desired ends. The BPO provides this service in a professional and personal spirit of respect, honesty, fairness, cooperation, and goodwill.

The BPO strives to maintain a high standard of knowledge, expertise, service, ethics and professional integrity while providing sound counsel in the financial planning and decision making process of the University.


Provide excellent customer service to the Oregon Tech Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, staff, and students by:

  • Building a clear and concise annual budget for Oregon Tech
  • Being a resource for faculty, staff and students of the institution on financial and budgetary questions and concerns
  • Providing detailed and accurate financial analyses to stakeholders in a timely manner
  • Forecast and plan for long-term budgetary and resources needs of Oregon Tech
Budget Office

Snell Hall, Room 204