Oregon Tech Housing and Residence Life is sharing some of our more frequently asked questions. We hope the FAQs listed below answer your questions regarding Housing and Residence Life.

A: Once the Housing Office receives your application and housing fees are paid ($50 housing application fee and $100 housing deposit), the Housing Office will be in contact via mail and email as you and your housing application move through this process.

You may not hear from Housing for a bit-but don't worry!  There are many steps in the process. You will get information via email about our Choose My Room Program. We will send out an assignment letter to your email and your home address in early July sharing information about your room, mailing address, and roommate(s) information including how to contact your new roommate(s). Just continue to check the email address that you applied for housing with.
A: One of the options in your online housing application is to select potential roommates. You need to insert the person's first and last name in to request them as a roommate.  Please note, in order for Housing to put you in as roommates, the request must be MUTUAL! All parties wanting to live together have to confirm the request and request each other.

The biggest issue that students have when trying to find a roommates name is hitting the space bar while typing in a name. The space will show as a character and will not allow you to find who you are looking for. Also remember the students name is the one they applied to the University with and not necessarily a nickname.
A: Yes, first year students are allowed to live in the Village. Just mark Village as your first choice on your Housing application. However, please understand that returning students to on campus housing have the first chance to sign up for Village living so you may not get your first choice, but will be placed on the Village waiting list automatically based on the completed date of your application. Most first year students won't get into the Village due to our high number of students living on campus. 
A: The FYE (First Year Experience) community is designed specifically for first year students to share their common experiences through the first year of college. The staff in this community offer unique programming for the students who wish to live in this community. Yearly it seems to be a vibrant community and a great place to meet new people. 

A: There are two data ports per room in the Residence Hall. In the Village there is a data port in each bedroom as well as in the living room. Data ports are what you use to connect your computer to the network.

Wireless is available in all the buildings. Village access points are located in the hallways. Residence Hall has access points in each room.
Oregon Tech Housing has a movie service available. You must be logged onto housing internet and you can stream movies and tv shows to your devices. Please look at check in paperwork when arriving on campus for login instructions.

You do not need to pay anything extra for these services. They are included in your housing fees.

If you are struggling to hook up any of your devices, we do have Tech Assistants that can help and are on call to get these up and running for you.
A: Yes. The University has many different job opportunity on campus. Housing also will have many different jobs for students who live on campus. 
Student custodial: Help the regular custodial staff with cleaning of the building. Students will only work during the work week.
Service desk staff: Help with distributing mail and packages for on campus students. Work hours vary through out the day as well as on the weekends.
Resident Advisors and Student Success Mentors: Work with students for academic success, student social engagement and campus involvement. Work during the week as well and on call shifts.
Residence Hall Association: The representative board for on campus students. Hold monthly meetings, help plan big events in housing and hold office hours. 

All on campus jobs are posted on the Handshake website.
A: Yes, you can bring a fridge and microwave. Please make sure the fridge is 4 cubit ft or less and that the microwave is 1000 watts or less. Most students will only bring these things if they live in the Residence Hall. The Village does have a fridge and microwave already in the apartment.

If you live in the Residence Hall with a roommate you are both welcome to bring a fridge and microwave if you choose to do so. 
A: Yes you can bring your own stuff to your room but you cannot removing anything out of your room provided by housing. If you want to bring your own desk chair, the one provided by housing must stay in your room. We do not have enough storage space to remove furniture for every student.
A: Residence Hall
Each student will have an extra long twin bed, desk, desk chair, book shelve, dresser, and closet.

Village Apartment
Bedroom has extra long twin bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, and closet. Common space has couch, chair, end table, coffee table.
Kitchen has fridge, microwave, and stove/oven.