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Frequently Asked Questions

Oregon Tech Housing and Residence Life is sharing some of our more frequently asked questions.  We hope the FAQs listed below answer your questions regarding Oregon Tech Housing and Residence Life. If you have questions not answered here, please call the Housing Office during business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 541.885.1094.

You can also email us anytime at housing@oit.edu.

Q: When will I know that my Housing Application has been accepted?

A: Once the Housing Office receives your application, we will check your admission status with Oregon Tech. When you are admitted to Oregon Tech, your housing contract will be processed, and your $150 deposit will be applied to hold a space for you on campus. The Housing Office will be in contact via mail and email as you and your housing application move through this process.

You may not hear from Housing for a bit-but don't worry!  We will send out an assignment letter to your email and your home address in early July sharing information about your room, mailing address, and roommate(s) information including how to contact your new roommate(s).  If you have questions as you are preparing to join the Oregon Tech Housing community feel free to call us at 541-885-1094 or email us at housing@oit.edu

Q: How do I request a specific roommate(s)?

A: One of the options in your online housing application is to select potential roommates. You need to insert the person's first and last name in to request them as a roommate.  Please note, in order for Housing to put you in as roommates, the request must be MUTUAL! All parties wanting to live together have to confirm the request and request each other.  If you have more questions or want to make sure your request is received and confirmed, please contact the Housing Office at 541-885-1904 or at housing@oit.edu.

Q: Are freshman allowed to live in the Village?

A: Yes, first year students are allowed to live in the Village. Just mark Village as your first choice on your Housing application. However, please understand that returning students to on campus housing have the first chance to sign up for Village living so you may not get your first choice, but will be placed on the Village waiting list.

Q: What is the FYE (First Year Experience) Community?

A: The FYE (First Year Experience) community is designed specifically for first year students to share their common experiences through the first year of college. The staff in this community offer unique programming for the students who wish to live in this community. 

Flight School is a chance for students living in the FYE community (1st floor of the Res Hall) to move into campus housing early and join Housing staff for three days of activities designed to help our first year students transition to college a successful one!  More information about Flight School will be available in late July on our web page as well as via email with all students who chose to live in the FYE community.

Q: What communications services are available in my room?

A: There are two data ports per room in the Residence Hall. In the Village there is a data port in each bedroom as well as in the living room. Data ports are what you use to connect your computer to the network.

Q: Is there wireless internet available in Housing?

A: Wireless internet is available in the lobbies of the Residence Hall as well as the TV Lounge and the Snack Bar. However, the Residence Hall is a concrete structure so the wireless is spotty in some areas. The Village has wireless throughout each building.

Housing also has student Tech Assistants that are available to help students with tech issues, as well as help students if they choose to set up a wireless router in their room to create a wireless environment in the room.

Q: How do I pay for wired services in my room?

A: The combined service costs are distributed in the Residence Halls fees. Great effort was made to offer students a range of normal services — those services you are used to using at home — along with providing easy access. There are no other monthly fees for wired services, including cable TV. Please note that the internet connection is geared for academic purposes.

Q: Will I be able to access the Internet and check my e-mail from my room?

A: Yes. Each Residence Hall and Village room has a network jack that you can use to connect to the Internet and the Oregon Tech e-mail server.

Q: My high school friends and family would like to know my email address before I leave. How will I know what it is before I come to campus?

A: Your email address will be the login name that you get when you sign up for an account followed by @oit.edu. Your login name will be your first name dot last name. For example, if your name were Bryan Covell, your email address would be bryan.covell@oit.edu. If you have a more common name, such as John Smith, your email address would more likely be john.smith1@oit.edu or with a different number after your name. This should give you a good idea of what your address will be, but the only way to know for sure is to check what you are assigned when you sign up for an account.

Q: What does my computer need in order to connect to the Housing network?

A: A network card is necessary for connection to the Housing network. You can purchase a network card through the Tech Nest Bookstore or you may purchase your own card. Cards must be 10 Mbps and 10 Base-T compatible.