Okay, so we all know that housing provides a room, but what are the other benefits of living on campus?

Studies show that students who live on campus tend to:

  • Complete more credit hours and have higher grade point averages
  • Become more involved with the campus community
  • Get involved and become part of the campus community
  • Complete their degree at their initial institution
  • Show greater gains in student development and interpersonal self-esteem
  • Express greater satisfaction with their undergraduate experience!
  • Persist and graduate with greater frequency
  • Enjoy easy access to campus resources (library, labs, athletic facilities, support services)

Living on campus is not required, but is highly recommended for all single students.

Here are just few of the advantages of living on campus:

  • Countless opportunities to meet new people and develop lasting friendships
  • Social, educational and recreational opportunities
  • Rates include electricity, heat, water, sewer, waste removal, Internet connection and internet based entertainment services
  • Service Desk staff for help with packages as well as access to kitchen utensils and other items for residential student use
  • Easy walking distance to campus services, labs, classrooms, library, the College Union and athletic facilities - no commuting hassles!
  • Trained staff available for study, study groups and social events
  • A big-screen TV and Snack Bar
  • Accommodation choices: all-female/all-male or co-ed wings as well as 4 person/single bedroom apartments. Gender inclusive options are available as well-just email the Director of Housing and Residence Life for more information
  • Opportunities to participate in the Residence Hall Association (student government)
  • All residents have a personal mail box to receive mail
  • Laundry facilities within the complex for residents only. Costs are included in housing costs, so no cards or quarters needed
  • Minimal housekeeping and cooking means more time to study and play
  • No driving to classes in winter weather

Want more information? We recommend reading The College Housing Survival Guide.