Owl Alerts

The Administration uses your Oregon Tech email as formal communication to inform you of campus notifications. For example, Scholarship deadlines, Financial Aid requirements, Business Office deadlines and ITS issues.

Please be sure to check your Oregon Tech email often.

OIT Emergency Alerts

Update Emergency Contact Information

If Oregon Tech had a snow day closure, earthquake, fire or other emergency, wouldn't you want to know about it by text message? Or your personal e-mail, or alternate phone number?

With OIT-Alert, you can be in the know of any campus alert or emergency situation.

In the event of an emergency, your primary phone number and your Oregon Tech e-mail will be used to contact you. Take a moment to update your contact information today:
  1. Add your cell phone
  2. Secondary e-mail address
  3. or Alternate phone

You may also add numbers for parents, spouses or friends you'd like us to contact in case of a campus emergency.

Update Your Contact Information Now

(TECHweb login required)

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