Make it a Safe Spring Break... Go Day Trippin'!

Take a short, inexpensive trip around  or close to the Klamath Basin. Just getting away for a day, enjoying the natural surrounding and all it has to offer can bring stress relief. These short adventures won’t cost much but will provide you with a much needed break. Outdoors in one of the safest places to recreate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are a few of wonderfully fun places where you can do some affordable day trippin’.

Before you leave, take some advice from Officer Chris Bowman from Oregon Tech Campus Safety

Located 41 Miles northwest of OT Campus, Crater Lake National Park is Oregon’s only national park. Take advice from Interprative Ranger John Duwe as you plan your visit to Crater Lake.

Visit Whiskeytown National Recreation Area (NRA): Located due south of Oregon Tech, Whiskeytown NRA is about 150 miles away (2hr 40 min drive). There are many fun ranger guide activities as well as independent recreational opportunities for you at Whiskeytown NRA. Join Interp Ranger Tyler Compton as he takes you on a virtual tour of Whiskeytown NRA.