Healthy Active Challenge

We are excited that you and possibly a couple of friends (3 people total) are willing to try to improve your health and fitness this year. This year we are using a calendar to keep us in track for the 2024 Healthy Active Challenge. Each day we will suggest that you try something new to keep yourself fit, healthy and happy. Every time you do a challenge you will earn points which can recorded on your scorecard.

At the end of each week, add up your points and report them the following Monday. A week runs Monday - Sunday. Highest scores at the end of each week, earn prizes (sent through Amazon). Also, every time your report points you earn points towards the GRAND PRIZES. These prizes are awarded at the end of the challenge. 

And,, loose, or draw everyone gets a FREE Healthy Active T-shirt. A Tie/Dye Party and Shirt Give-A-Way is held at the end of the challenge. Generally it take place in Semon Hall, Room 203. (Because there is a sink in that room and dyed shirts can easily be rinsed.) There will also be rally towel if you would prefer.

Attention! Attention!

Special Offers during the 2024 Healthy Active Challenge

  • Students  from the Portland Metro Campus are eligible for a FREE membership to Edge Family Fitness Center during the 2024 Healthy Active Challenge. This membership is limited to the length of the Healthy Active Challenge (from Jan 29, 2024-March 3,2024). Portland Metro faculty and staff have an option to purchase their own temporary membership as special challenge prices. Email for details.

  • Faculty and Staff from the Klamath Falls Campus will be given FREE memberships to Tech Rec during the Healthy Active Challenge period which runs Jan 29, 2024 -March 3, 2024. These membership passes are being sponsored by the Center for Wellbeing. If you are a part the Klamath Campus and would like your FREE Healthy Active Challenge membership, then please email ASAP and fill out the this waiver.

Purpose: To improve health by increasing physical activity, mindfully consuming food and water, trying something new and having fun with your friends!

When: Monday, January 29-March 3, 2024 at 11:59PM

How it Works

Participants will earn points during the weekly nutritional and physical challenges. Every week we will have weekly winners for both types of participants; “Teams of Three” (either two students or two faculty/staff members) or “individual participants.”  Reporting points can be done via the app on the Healthy Active tab or using this form.

Points can be reported any time on Monday. An online score card will help you track your points so reporting will be easy. Point calculation is done on the honors system. Please keep your score honest.  At the end of the challenge, we will hold a FREE drawing for prizes for all people who participated as individuals. Teams will earn prizes when they either win "Weekly Winner Prizes" or if they are the top scoring team, they will win the GRAND PRIZE. 

More Information

The challenge begins Jan. 29 and ends March 3 at 11:59pm. Final points must be reported on Monday, March 4. Please report final points by 5pm.

When to turn in points: Report total team points every Monday that follows the end of a week. A week will run Monday-Sunday, e.g. the first week of the challenge runs Jan. 29- Feb.4. Report points for week #1 on Monday, Feb. 5, anytime up to 11:59pm. You can do so via the Oregon Tech app or via this website.  Late points will not be counted, but all activities will still earn free drawing entries.

The TEAM or INDIVIDUAL with the most points at the end of each week will be declared the weekly winner. We will have new winners each week. Points can be tracked on the Scorecard provided. You may be asked to explain your points if they are outrageously high and show your scorecard.

Every time you participate in a Bonus Informational Class you will be entered into a drawing from a Door Prize. If you attend a Bonus Exercise Class, each participant will have their choice of prizes from our "Fun Swag Bag". It is one entry per person and any student, faculty or staff members will be eligible for Bonus Prizes.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Jennifer Bavarskas at or via phone at 541.885.1800. If you prefer you can always chat with Jennifer on TEAMS.

Exercise Points

  • Give yourself 2 pts for every 30 minutes of intentional cardio that you do per day; walking, running, hiking, biking, lap swimming etc.
  • Give your 2 pts for every  for every 30 minutes of strength, core, and resistance training that you do in a day; lifting weights, Core Pilates, isotonic exercises etc.
  • Give yourself 2 pts for every 20 minutes of intentional stretching that you do in a day; Winsor Pilates, Yoga, Dance, etc.
  • Give yourself 1 pt for every 30 minutes of physical activity that you do in a day such as shoveling snow, playing actively with your children, recreational swimming etc.

Weekly Schedule & Nutrition Information

Counting points for weekly servings- 1 pt for every serving of fruits and vegetables that you eat each day. Get BONUS NUTRITION POINTS for salads with week. If you order or serve a side salad (instead of soup, french fries etc) then give yourself two points for every Side Salad you eat. If you make a Salad into a meal, give yourself 4 points.

Eat more vegetables and fruits and get more points. 
Please don't "fudge" your score. If you eat a Subway sandwich every six-inch sub will count as one serving. You don't get one point per tomato slice rather you need to have both lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers on your sub which will count as one serving. If you only like lettuce, then have a lot of lettuce (at least 1/2 cup will make it a serving).

Try Out Tech Rec! Check out the Tech Rec facility yourself. Join us between Jan20-31 and see what is available. Use the free weights, cardio machines, and the Functional Trainers. You can easily put together your own weight training routines once you know the basics of each weight/machine. For basic definitions refer to the following website.

Download a Weight Room Card and get ready for Basic Weight Training on January 30 at 3pm.

ActivityDateLocationStart Time

Try Out Tech Rec! (Three-day FREE Pass for Faculty/Staff who have not joined Tech Rec. This is a limited time offer, so take advantage of it.)
January 29-31Tech Rec7am

Weight Training Basics

Create a personalized weight training routine.

January 30Tech Rec3pm
"Overlap" Find Joy, Meaning and Life SatisfactionJanuary 31TEAMS or on the Kf Campus Owens 2052pm
Energy Drink: What Every Medical Professional Wants You to KnowFebruary 1TEAMS2pm
Try It! We are serving salad with "new" salad dressing (move beyond Ranch Dressing)February 2Basic Needs Hub2pm



Counting points for this week: Give yourself 1 pt for every 8 ounces of water you drink, up to 64 ounces. If you drink more than that, good for you, but the maximum points should total 8.  There are several Bonus Classes this week, however, if you are unable to attend you will also earn points by watching the videos provided through the TEAMS link. The information in these videos parallels the information provided in the Bonus Class.

ActivityDateLocationStart Time
Office Chair YogaFebruary 6TEAMS9:15am-9:30am

"Finding Your Purpose"

RSVP Required! Click the link: Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

February 7Mt. Mazama/Scott 11-1pm 

"Finding your Purpose"

RSVP Required! Click the link:Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

February 8Virtual via Zoom 2-4pm

Turbo Kick for Beginners (a low impact cardio kickboxing class)

Don't worry, the class is comprised of "shadow boxing" you won't get hit by anyone.

February 7Tech Rec Studio4pm
Free Weight Form (learn proper form for basic weight training)February 9Tech Rec Weight Room11am
Yoga for All (a non sweaty yoga class which can be done in street clothes)February 9Tech Rec Studio12pm

Counting points for weekly vegetable servings- 1 pt for every serving of dark leafy green vegetables and/or root vegetables  that you eat. 

Dark Leafy Greens include: Arugula, Bok Choy, Collard Green, Watercrest, Beet Greens, Kale, Mustard Greens, Rapini, Swiss Chard, Cabbage and Lettuce.

Root Vegetables include: Yams, Beets, Parsnips, Turnips, Rutabagas, Carrots, Yuca, Kohlrabi, Onions, Celery root (or celeriac), Daikon, Jerusalem Artichokes, and Radishes.

ActivityDateLocationStart Time
Light Cardio and Body Pump SessionFebruary 12Tech Rec12pm
Sculpt your Abs with a BosuFebruary 13Tech Rec Studio1pm
Pickleball WorkshopFebruary 14Tech Rec Gym (downstairs in basement)3pm
National Collegiate Sexual Responsibility Week - an online programFebruary 14On-line program with links providedAnytime
"Try it" My favorite recipe for Marinara SauceFebruary 16TEAMS meeting12pm

Let's Explore "Old" Technology this week! I am going to show you how to use your oven timer. I have a very old oven, get it still has an oven timer on it. If you know how to use this older piece of technology, you can prep a meal in the morning, set the over timer and cook the meal while you are at work and when you return home everything is ready for you to eat! The only catch is you have to know how to work that "over timer" in order for this plan to work.

This is also the second week where water counts as points. So, keep track of your water as it is one points for every 8 ounces you drink per day. Limited to 8 total cups of water per day. You can drink more if you choose to, but you will only get credit for 8 total cups per day.  You also get 1 pt for every serving of vegetables that you consume, so keep purchasing those veggies and use them as snacks, or as a part of a balanced meal. And, we are also adding fruit back into the challenge. You will get one point for every serving of fruit you each during this week.

ActivityDateLocationStart Time
Learn how to use your "oven timer."February 19TEAMS1pm
Wellbeing ProgramFebruary 20Outlook10am
Before School/Work Standing Pilates ClassFebruary 21Tech Rec Studio7am
Make a dish/food using your oven timer.AnytimeAnywhereUp to YOU!

This week we will explore cooking easy college foods using the website,"100 Slow Cooker Recipes For College Students" We will also set up our own personal nutrition goal e.g. reduce my sodium by 50%, consume "O" processed sugar this week, give up caffeine for the week. Think about what you really need to do, set it as a goal, and work towards it everyday. Each day you meet your goal, you get three points per day. You will have to list your goal on the scorecard, so make sure that you really process your choice.

ActivityDateLocationStart Time
Evening Spin Class (registration required)February 26Tech Rec Studio5:15pm
Stay Motivated to Exercise!February 27

Sunset (Live Presentation)


Light Cardio LIne DanceFebruary 28Tech Rec Studio7am
Office Chair YogaFebruary 29TEAMS2pm
Try It! Crock Pot mealsMarch 1TBA2pm
Make your Own Crock Pot RecipeAnytime during the weekYour ChoiceAnytime