Healthy Active Challenge

We are excited that you and possibly a couple of friends (3 people total) are willing to try to improve your health and fitness this year. This year we are using a calendar to keep us in track for the 2023 Healthy Active Challenge. Each day we will suggest that you try something new to keep yourself fit, healthy and happy. Every time you do a challenge you will earn points which can recorded on your scorecard.

At the end of each week, add up your points and report them the following Monday. A week runs Monday - Sunday. Highest scores at the end of each week, earn prizes (sent through Amazon). Also, every time your report points you earn points towards the GRAND PRIZES. These prizes are awarded at the end of the challenge.

Purpose: To improve health by increasing physical activity, mindfully consuming food and water, trying something new and having fun with your friends, at a safe distance.

When: Monday, January 23-February 26, 2023 at 11:59PM

How it Works

Participants will earn points during the weekly nutritional and physical challenges. Every week we will have weekly winners for both types of participants; “Teams of Two” (either two students or two faculty/staff members) or “individual participants.”  Reporting points can be done via the app on the Healthy Active tab or using this form.

Points can be reported any time on Monday. An online score card will help you track your points so reporting will be easy. Point calculation is done on the honors system. Please keep your score honest.  At the end of the challenge, we will hold a FREE drawing for prizes for all participants. Additionally, every time you report points or attend a Bonus Class Webinar your name will be entered into a drawing for end of the challenge prizes.

More Information

The challenge begins Jan. 23 and ends Feb 26 at 11:59pm. Final points must be reported on Monday, Feb 27. Please report final points by 11:59pm.

When to turn in points: Report total team points every Monday that follows the end of a week. A week will run Monday-Sunday, e.g. the first week of the challenge runs Jan. 23- 29. Report points for week #1 on Monday, Jan. 30, anytime up to 11:59pm. You can do so via the Oregon Tech app or via this website.  Late points will not be counted, but all activities will still earn free drawing entries.

The TEAM or INDIVIDUAL with the most points at the end of each week will be declared the weekly winner. We will have new winners each week. Points can be tracked on the Scorecard provided. You may be asked to explain your points if they are outrageously high and show your scorecard.

Every time you participate in a Bonus Class you will be entered into a drawing from a Door Prize. It is one entry per person and any student, faculty or staff members will be eligible for Bonus Prizes.


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Jennifer Bavarskas at or via phone at 541.885.1800. If you prefer you can always chat with Jennifer on TEAMS.

Exercise Points

  • Give yourself 2 pts for every 30 minutes of intentional cardio that you do per day; walking, running, hiking, biking, lap swimming etc.
  • Give your 2 pts for every  for every 30 minutes of strength, core, and resistance training that you do in a day; lifting weights, Core Pilates, isotonic exercises etc.
  • Give yourself 2 pts for every 20 minutes of intentional stretching that you do in a day; Winsor Pilates, Yoga, Dance, etc.
  • Give yourself 1 pt for every 30 minutes of physical activity that you do in a day such as shoveling snow, playing actively with your children, recreational swimming etc.

Weekly Schedule

Counting points for weekly servings- 1 pt for every serving of fruits and vegetables that you eat each day. 

So eat more vegetables and fruits and get more points. 
Please don't "fudge" your score. If you eat a Subway sandwich every six-inch sub will count as one serving. You don't get one point per tomato slice rather you need to have both lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers on your sub which will count as one serving. If you only like lettuce, then have a lot of lettuce (at least 1/2 cup will make it a serving).

Activity Date Location Start Time
Wake UP Workout January 23, 2023 Tech Rec 7am
Coffee Talk and Tea January 24, 2023 TEAMS 3pm
Calming Crafts/Adult Coloring January 25, 2023 Mt. Theilsen 1:30pm
Stay Motivated to Exercise January 26, 2023 Sunset/TEAMS 2pm


Counting points for this week: Give yourself 1 pt for every 8 ounces of water you drink, up to 64 ounces. If you drink more than that, good for you, but the maximum points should total 8.  Also give yourself 1 pt for every complete serving of COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES that you eat. These would include brown rice, whole grain breads and cereals, whole grain pastes etc. But, it also includes vegetables such as dark leafy greens, root vegetables etc. Keep in mind that so-called vegetables are not included tomatoes, eggplant, squashes, green beans, avocadoes and corn don't count. They are fruits. So, if you are wondering if something is a true vegetable then "google it." I find website relatively accurate or email and she will make ruling.

Activity Date Location Start Time
Yoga January 31, 2023 Tech Rec Studio 2pm
Meditation with Cathy February 1, 2023 Cathy's Office 3pm
Pack a Bento February 2, 2023 Jen's Home via TEAMS 3pm

Counting points for weekly vegetable servings- 1 pt for every serving of dark leafy green vegetables and/or root vegetables  that you eat. 

Dark Leafy Greens include: Arugula, Bok Choy, Collard Green, Watercrest, Beet Greens, Kale, Mustard Greens, Rapini, Swiss Chard, Cabbage and Lettuce.

Root Vegetables include: Yams, Beets, Parsnips, Turnips, Rutabagas, Carrots, Yuca, Kohlrabi, Onions, Celery root (or celeriac), Daikon, Jerusalem Artichokes, and Radishes.

Activity Date Location Start Time
Stay Motivated February 6, 2023 Breakfast at Brevada 7am
Yoga + Pilates February 7, 2023 Tech Rec Studio 2pm
Good Communication for Healthy Relationships February 8, 2023 John's Office 3pm
Corned Beef Brisket + Soda Bread February 9, 2023 Jen's Home 3pm

Let's explore non-meat proteins this week. These would include foods like: Seitan (a protein made from wheat gluten), Soy Beans (a complete vegetable protein), Quinoa (a seed that is a complete protein) etc.

Activity Date Location Start Time
STD information NCSRW February 13, 2023 CU Main Entrance 11:00:00 AM
Tai Chi & Qigong February 14, 2023 CU Mt. Mazama 2pm
Calming Craft Chopstick frames February 15, 2023 Semon Hall Room 203 2pm
Southern Style Cooking February 16, 2023 John's House TBA

2 points for every full serving of squash that you eat

5 bonus points for 3-Full days that you don't consume Every Drinks; up to 15 points

Activity Date Location Start Time
Simply Smoothies w/Squash February 20, 2023 My office 11:30 AM
Sustainability Walk February 21, 2023 Fountain 2pm
Safe Spring Break Fair February 22, 2023 CU Main Floor 11am
Energy Drinks / Medical TEAM reacts February 23, 2023 Zoom 3pm
T-shirt Tie Dye Party February 27, 2023 Semon Hall Room 203 TBA