Annual Scholarship Banquet 2021-2022

You are cordially invited to the 2021-2022 Annual Scholarship Banquet.

The banquet will be October 16th, 2021 starting at 12:00pm and be held at the College Union Building on the Klamath Falls Campus.

Portions of this event will also be livestreamed for those who wish to attend this event virtually. Please select the "Virtual Guest" option if you intend to attend via livestream only. A link to stream the event program will be emailed the day before the event.

We are excited for the opportunity to gather in person once again, however, we respectfully request that scholarship recipients please limit attendance to just themselves and that our scholarship donors please limit attendance to just themselves and one guest.


COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 continues to present issues.  We respectfully ask that everyone attending or otherwise participating in the event take necessary precautions to keep themselves and other guests safe. As you may know, our region continues to experience an outbreak of COVID-19 and its variations. Before entering the event, we respectfully ask that all individual ensure:

-You are not currently sick or experiencing symptoms of sickness; and

-You have not been sick with COVID-19 or any other transmittable sickness in the last 14 days and you have not been in close proximity, within the past 14 days, with someone who is currently sick with COVID-19 or any other transmittable illness.


Please understand that by participating in this event there is the potential for each person to be exposed to and contract transmittable diseases and viruses, including COVID-19. You agree that by participating in this event you understand and assume such dangers and risks.


Registration for this event is now closed.

If you wish to register for this event, please contact Katie Cavendish via email at or via phone at 541.885.0222.

You can still participate by viewing the live stream of this event, which you can view by clicking here.
If you intend to view on a mobile device, you will need to download the Microsoft Teams app on your device from either the Google Play or Apple App Store.  Otherwise, we recommend that you view the event through a web browser on a computer.


If you are in need of technical assistance the day of the event, please contact Database Manager, Ali Gromley, at 458.246.8279.

Thank you videos from the 2020-2021 Virtual Banquet.

Matt Volpe

Jaime Evers

Pamela Jackson

Thank you to our event sponsors:

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Blundon Sponsorship
William D. Lynch