Bobbi Kowash
Associate Professor
Medical Imaging Technology
DOW 242
Medical Imaging Technology
Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Abdominal Ultrasound
OB/GYN Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound
Vascular Ultrasound
MSK Ultrasound
Ultrasound guided Interventions
  • Master of Science in Health Sciences, Health Care Leadership, NOVA Southeastern University, 2017

Life changes. That’s inevitable. It’s how you deal with change that sets you apart. I have fully embraced this mantra. My student career began without direction. Then I found Oregon Institute of Technology. As soon as I read about this school, I had to find out more. It proved to be a perfect fit. Leveraging the faculty’s experience and knowledge I was guided into a very satisfying career in Vascular Imaging and later in General ultrasound. These choices have taken me to the east coast, Pacific Northwest and now back to southern Oregon.

With my move back to Klamath Falls, I saw the opportunity to continue broadening my career and make an even bigger difference.  Working with students at Oregon Tech gives me an opportunity to share my experiences and  “teach as I have been taught.” While at different positions I have seen how education at Oregon Tech (with small class size,  hands-on approach and challenging nature) has benefited me tremendously. I want to channel my energy, enthusiasm and ambitiousness to help empower the students to become a confident member of the ultrasound community. To educate students into professionals requires an approachable personality combined with a disciplined understanding of the field. The ultrasound field lends itself to students who thrive on an occupational challenge. With that comes a deep sense of accomplishment which is amplified by the difficulty. This leads to the nature of the career and drives the success. An ultrasound technologist is unique; they constantly seek challenge and relentlessly strive to learn more.

Drawing upon my past experience with students, I can help them to look beyond the textbook, think through the disease process, and provide answers to the questions that will be asked by the caregiver. Personal confidence must be earned and with honesty, individual coaching, energy and a strong knowledge foundation, students can be guided to the realization of themselves and their abilities in step with humility and compassion