Christy VanRooyen
Assistant Professor
Natural Science
Environmental Science
Water Quality
  • B.S. Applied Environmental Sciences - Oregon Tech
  • M.S. Environmental Education - Southern Oregon University

My personal and professional lives have always been centered on Outdoor Experiences. As the director of the Environmental Sciences program at Oregon Tech, I get to combine my love of nature and technical skills to promote data driven decision making in natural resource management. I have experience teaching the following courses: ENV data analysis, careers and professionalism, physical geography, intro to general chemistry, general biology, nutrition, environmental education, human anatomy, backpacking, intro to GIS, water resources, stream water chemistry, riparian assessment, and pollinator ecology. My current research is centered on pollinators. I co-advise the Beekeeping club on campus, and we use our apiary as a living laboratory for undergraduate research. In addition to honeybees, our students are conducting native pollinator surveys. Data from these ongoing studies will be used to track shifting phenological trends in response to climate change and increased forest fire activity within the Klamath Basin. When not on campus, you may find me with my family on the trail, riding my road bike, walking my two French bulldogs, playing ukulele, or paddling on the scenic waterways of southern Oregon.