A native Coloradan, Hallie Neupert brings her experience in economics to the Management Department at Oregon Tech. Hallie joined the faculty at Oregon Tech in 1999 by way of North Carolina State University. Hallie’s current teaching interests include social and behavioral economics, current issues in macroeconomic theory and policy, organizational behavior, and cross-cultural management. Hallie holds a B.A. in economics from Wellesley College, a M.S. in agricultural and natural resource economics from the University of Arizona, and a graduate certificate in community and economic development from the Pennsylvania State University. She also recently spent a sabbatical year in Leiden, the Netherlands, researching university-community partnerships as related to economic development.

Hallie has served as Department Chair for the Management Department since December 2013. In this role, and in partnership with university leadership and the Klamath Falls community, she has worked to engage local stakeholders in innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives both on campus and within the local community. Current initiatives include: Catalyze Klamath, a contest aimed to support students with innovative business ideas that could promote economic development within the Klamath Falls community; partnering with UEDA (University Economic Development Association) to strengthen university-community ecosystems for economic recovery; and ongoing participation with Klamath IDEA’s eLeadership Board, a local non-profit that develops and orchestrates entrepreneurial resources for business start-ups and acceleration.