Safety in Your Workplace

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) assists departments in maintaining a safe and healthy university environment for staff, faculty, students, and visitors. EH&S helps ensure Oregon Tech abides by the regulatory requirements established at the local, state and federal level.

Drinking Water Quality Report

As part of a state-wide testing of water in all Oregon schools for lead and copper, Oregon Tech recently completed its own tests, which show results below levels considered dangerous by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

water testing

During the month of June 2016, water samples were collected by a certified small water systems operator from 20 different sinks and water stations at Oregon Tech's Klamath Falls campus in all facilities, including classroom, administration, and residence buildings. The samples were then sent to an outside environmental testing laboratory for analyses, in compliance with the requirements set by Oregon’s state education and public health agencies, which provided recommendations of certified laboratories. The sites all tested within or below the limits set by the EPA. No further samples or retesting were required. The campus conducts triennial water testing to meet Oregon OSHA requirements, and combined this state-wide testing request with a previously scheduled one.

Oregon Tech's Wilsonville campus did not require water testing as the City of Wilsonville recently conducted periodic testing that has come back with satisfactory results; and the building, which was built in 2000, used lead-free solder to join potable water copper pipes.