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Spring tryouts

Do I have to tryout? Yes

How? Fill out the form above

When? May 26 (extending to 27, 28 if needed) in Crater Lake Complex (College Union, Klamath Falls Campus)

Do I have to be there in person? Yes, unless one of the following applies:
1) You are at another campus (Portland-Metro, Online, etc.)
2) You are on extern/MECOP/etc. and can't make it
3) You have extenuating circumstances and have discussed them with the Esports Advisor IN ADVANCE

How does this work? We are currently developing the final format, but you will be placed in your primary role on a team composed of current team members and other tryout participants. Those selected from tryouts will go on to practice with the teams during the Summer, and final decisions on who will be placed in Varsity/JV or cut will be made before the start of Fall term.

How will I be evaluated? We will be evaluating your game performance as well as your teamwork and communication skills. We are looking for players who will represent Oregon Tech well in the public eye, play to a high level in the competitive arena, and show their dedication to academic and in-game excellence.

What do team members get? We currently offer scholarships to Varsity players. The amounts and any potential scholarships for JV players are under discussion and will be released when available. Varsity players are provided team jerseys and access to our available hardware.

What are the eligibility requirements? You must be planning to enroll at Oregon Tech Fall term for at least 12 credits. For incoming high school and transfer students, you may need to meet specific GPA and other requirements, which will be discussed with you on an individual basis or as needed once decisions are made.

Which games are you holding tryouts for? Currently, Overwatch and League of Legends. Any expansion to our current game lineup will be announced and filled at that time.

For all other questions, contact Corey Murphy:

Corey Murphy, Esports Advisor

OfficeBoivin Hall

About Oregon Tech eSports

Oregon Tech supports and promotes the development of student athletes competing in the growing field of competitive gaming. As a member of Tespa, NACE, and ACEL, Oregon Tech competes against other universities and hosts events to engage the community. Current games include Overwatch and League of Legends with plans for future expansion, and players can participate from any campus.

Please join us on our Discord server!

For more information, please contact Corey Murphy at corey.murphy@oit.edu