Oregon Tech President’s Council

To assist in the formulation, drafting, revision, recommendation, and maintenance of the Board's and University's policies, the Board directs the President to establish and maintain a policy council. The Oregon Tech President's Council (Council) will be convened by the President or President's designee on at least an annual basis.

The Council is a consultative, multi-functional group designed to provide valuable input and advice to the President on the categories of authority described in Board Policy. The Council has the following supplementary responsibilities:

  • Identify and seek solutions to problems crossing college jurisdictions.
  • Maximize the planning efforts of the institution.
  • Enhance the communication processes within the institution.

Council members are appointed by the President.

Council Membership


Provost/AVP SEM, Chair Joanna Mott Academic Affairs
Vice President John Harman Finance & Administration
Vice President Erin Foley Student Affairs
Vice President Ken Fincher University Advancement
Vice Provost Abdy Afjeh Academic Affairs
AVP/CIO Connie Atchley Information Technology Services
Assoc. Vice President Sandi Hanan (Int.) Human Resources
Dean of ETM Tom Keyser Academic Affairs
Dean of HAS Dan Peterson Academic Affairs
Senate President Terri Torres Faculty Senate
Admin. Council Rep. Becky Burkeen University Development
ASOIT President, KF Sasha Rabich  
ASOIT President, PM Billy Kimmel  
Senior Exec. Asst., ex officio Adria Paschal President
Legal Counsel, ex officio David Groff University General Counsel
Secretary, ex officio Dierdre Williams Academic Affairs


Policies Approved in 2021-22
Policy No.  Title Effective Date
OIT-01-003  Prohibited Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment (replaces interim policy) 5/12/22
OIT-01-004 Prohibited Sexual Misconduct (replaces interim policy) 5/12/22
OIT-01-005 Reporting Misconduct and Prohibited Retaliation (replaces interim policy) 5/12/22
OIT-29-030 Leave and Accommodations...Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault, Stalking (aka Leave for Victims) 5/12/22
2022-23 Meeting Schedule