Essential Studies Capstone Experience

The Essential Studies Capstone is a culminating experience unique to each major program where students demonstrate ESLO proficiency at a level expected at completion of the bachelor’s degree.

The capstone level of achievement in each pathway must be demonstrated by a student in a capstone project, course(s), externship or experience identified by the major program, preferably in the senior year, within the context of the major program, and not necessarily in a single course or experience. In the Capstone Experience, students are given opportunities to bring together the technical skills gained in their discipline with the cross-cutting skills developed through the Essential Studies program, to work independently to address unscripted and authentic problems. Having been prepared by foundational and practicing work in the Essential Studies program, students in the Capstone Experience are expected to meet criteria with minimal or no scaffolding from faculty, often emulating the problem-solving skills required in professional settings.