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Procurement and Contracts

Procurement and Contract Services

Oregon Tech Procurement and Contract Services (PACS) assists departments in obtaining maximum value for university expenditures, including expenditures on goods, services, and construction.
PACS upholds a code of ethics that includes, but not limited to:
  • Strive to obtain the best value for expenditures;
  • Fairly consider prospective vendors insofar as state or federal statutes and institutional policies require;
  • Conduct business in an atmosphere of good faith;
  • Demand honesty in representations made by prospective vendors;
  • Promote competition by encouraging the participation of Oregon businesses, emerging small and minority-owned and women-owned businesses;
  • Refrains from having financial interests incompatible with the impartial, objective, and effective performance of duties; and
  • Foster fair, ethical, and legal trade practices.

Contract requisitions, purchase order quotes, bids, quotes and other departmental business may be submitted via email.


Vivian Chen, J.D., Director of Procurement, Contracts, and Risk


Leticia Hill, Procurement and Risk Officer

 Klamath Falls