The following students have been named to the 2015 Spring Term President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade-point average and above. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.
Aaron Hutchins Vascular Technology
Aaron Miller Environmental Sciences
Aaron Zhen Renewable Energy Engineering
Abdulrahman Alkohaji Mechanical Engineering
Adam Figueroa EMT - Paramedic
Adri Tyler-Hall Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Adrianna Gonzalez Nuclear Medicine Technology
Adrienne Koos Biology-Health Sciences
Alan Gardner General Studies
Alayna Hudgens Echocardiography
Alec Leetch EMT - Paramedic
Alexander Funicello EMT - Paramedic
Alexander Reese Renewable Energy Engineering
Alexandra Iliyn Software Engineering Tech
Alexandrya Steller MIT Applicant
Alexi Meier Dental Hygiene
Alexia Hyatt Radiologic Science
Alexis Camp Electrical Engineering
Alexis Huss Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexis Robles Biology-Health Sciences
Alexzandra Noble Mechanical Engineering
Alicia Holbrook Dental Hygiene
Alisha Shew Radiologic Science
Alyssa McCue Applied Psychology
Amanda Brooks MIT Applicant
Amanda Brummett Applied Psychology
Amanda Caldwell Respiratory Care
Amanda Chamberlin *IT Health Informatics Opt
Amanda Frey Clinical Laboratory Science
Amanda Gates Dental Hygiene
Amanda Greene-Lewis Dental Hygiene
Amanda Kindsvogel Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amanda MacIntire Applied Psychology
Amanda Yocum Renewable Energy Engineering
Amber Edwards Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amelia Huhn Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amy Eskeldson EMT - Paramedic
Amy Gainer Dental Hygiene
Amy Hedberg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amy Leighliter Nuclear Medicine Technology
Amy Nicholson Clinical Laboratory Science
Amy Nicolaysen Clinical Laboratory Science
Amy Shelton Dental Hygiene
Ana Aguilar Biology-Health Sciences
Andrea Lengel Biology-Health Sciences
Andrei Simon Biology-Health Sciences
Andreina Garibay Dental Hygiene
Andrew Burke *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Andrew Howard Radiologic Science
Andrew O'Leary Applied Psychology
Andrew Rivera EMT - Paramedic
Andrew Rood Renewable Energy Engineering
Andrew Summers Software Engineering Tech
Andrew Wixon Civil Engineering
Angie Tieu Radiologic Science
Annabel Grohs Mechanical Engineering
Ann-Marie Guischer MIT Applicant
Aquila Reed Geomatics-option in Surveying
Aram Andriesian Renewable Energy Engineering
Asheley Martino Dental Hygiene
Ashlee Marie Hulsey MIT Applicant
Ashlei Morgan Mechanical Engineering
Ashleigh Vandenbrink Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Ashley Doolin Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Ashley Gillette Radiologic Science
Ashley Holder Pre-Nursing
Ashley Jacobs Dental Hygiene
Ashley Kangas Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ashley Menzie Radiologic Science
Ashley Tobiska Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ashley Wagner Software Engineering Tech
Aspen Wolff Pre-Nursing
Aubriana Miranda Pre-Nursing
Audrey Abblitt MIT Applicant
Austen Flint Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Austin Black Radiologic Science
Austin Deanhardt Civil Engineering
Austin Poulin Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Autumn Anderson Operations Management
Aylee Trattner Radiologic Science
Bailey Hildebrand Vascular Technology
Bailey Parker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Bailey Riddle Radiologic Science
Baker McDonald Dual Renewable Energy/Env Sci
Beau Tittensor Communication Studies
Beaudy Harrington *IT Applications Dev Opt
Benjamin Egle Biology-Health Sciences
Benjamin Ketler Mechanical Engineering Tech
Bibiana Guerrero Radiologic Science
Billy Rumbewas Mechanical Engineering
BJ Wilson Biology-Health Sciences
Bonnie Schaaf Clinical Laboratory Science
Brad Crandall Radiologic Science
Brad Rhoades Geomatics-option in Surveying
Brady Dickerson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Brandon Butler MIT Applicant
Brandon Guerrero EMT - Paramedic
Brandon Willems Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brenda Odesha Applied Psychology
Brendan Nikola Renewable Energy Engineering
Brenna White EMT - Paramedic
Brett Suydam *IT Health Informatics Opt
Brian Dang Radiologic Science
Brian Fields Nuclear Medicine Technology
Brian O'Hair MIT Applicant
Brian Stinchcomb MIT Applicant
Brina Tennigkeit Clinical Laboratory Science
Brittany Baldridge Clinical Laboratory Science
Brittany Maxam Vascular Technology
Brittney Barnett Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brogan Leconte Applied Mathematics
Brooke Ables MIT Applicant
Brooke Jackson Vascular Technology
Brooke Weikle Echocardiography
Brookelynn Fitzgerald Pre-Nursing
Bryan Beard Radiologic Science
Caitlin Houck-Pitts Echocardiography
Caitlin Young Radiologic Science
Caleb Ball Mgmt/Accounting Option
Caleb Donaldson MIT Applicant
Camela Hashimoto Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Cameron Allen Biology-Health Sciences
Candida Gorremans-Rodrigue Radiologic Science
Carla Ceciliani Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Carrie Boltz Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Carrie McHill Dental Hygiene
Carson Miller *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Casey Oltman Biology-Health Sciences
Chandler Tally Nuclear Medicine Technology
Chantelle Smith Population Health Management
Charles Noak Radiologic Science
Chase Davis Clinical Laboratory Science
Chelsea Schock Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cheryl Lawrence Nuclear Medicine Technology
Chloe Smith Environmental Sciences
Chloe Zallen Radiologic Science
Christa Lusebrink Radiologic Science
Christina Borchert Vascular Technology
Christina Chipman Nuclear Medicine Technology
Christina Shevshenko Echocardiography
Christopher Boese Software Engineering Tech
Christopher Emmert Radiologic Science
Christopher Faust Biology-Health Sciences
Christopher Galer Respiratory Care
Christopher Herman Radiologic Science
Christopher Wheatley Renewable Energy Engineering
Ciara Patton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cintya Garcia Applied Psychology
Claire Pflieger MIT Applicant
Claudia Avelar Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Claudia Grover Dental Hygiene
Cody Bennett Radiologic Science
Cody Bulkley Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Cody Spaulding *IT Applications Dev Opt
Cody Williams Mechanical Engineering
Collin Beeler Mechanical Engineering Tech
Colton Minton Civil Engineering
Connor Fitzgerald Biology-Health Sciences
Connor Scott Civil Engineering
Constantin Urs Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Cord Van Riper Biology-Health Sciences
Cory Barney Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Courtney Greenberg Radiologic Science
Crystal Patitz Clinical Laboratory Science
Daisy Plascencia MIT Applicant
Daisy Tapia Applied Psychology
Dakotah Webb Mechanical Engineering
Damon Lerma Biology-Health Sciences
Danh Truong Echocardiography
Daniel Nordal Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Daniel Stahlnecker Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Daniel Stotts Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Daniel Taylor Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Daniel Teater EMT - Paramedic
Danielle Hassett Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danielle Kubat Radiologic Science
Danielle Lisoski Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danielle Sayres Renewable Energy Engineering
Danielle Warden Respiratory Care
Darian Grigsby Echocardiography
David Norris EMT - Paramedic
David Rawlings Electronics Engineering Tech
David Siegel *IT Health Informatics Opt
David Thomas Biology-Health Sciences
David Wing Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Dawn Oliver Renewable Energy Engineering
Dawn Smith Vascular Technology
Derek Ball Radiologic Science
Derek Scott Mgmt/Marketing Option
Derek Wiseman Biology-Health Sciences
Derick Jackman Radiologic Science
Devin Eastin Mechanical Engineering
Devon Andrade Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Devon Locke Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Devon Shatto Respiratory Care
Drew Goodman Mgmt/Marketing Option
Duncan Schramm Applied Psychology
Dustin Boehm Radiologic Science
Dustin Ford Radiologic Science
Dylan Merker Vascular Technology
Dylan Schultz Software Engineering Tech
Dylan Seay Mechanical Engineering
Edith Mendoza-Cortes Respiratory Care
Edward Kennedy Radiologic Science
Edyta Swanson Vascular Technology
Elaina Steber Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Elana Silverman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Elisabeth Partridge Echocardiography
Elissa Stoltz Radiologic Science
Elizabeth Aguiar Respiratory Care
Elizabeth Rabenold MIT Applicant
Elizabeth Sheehy Civil Engineering
Elliott Fish Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Elliott Weinberg Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Elsey Perkins Dental Hygiene
Emilee Eastman Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Emily Alvarez Pre-Dental Hygiene
Emily Biggs MIT Applicant
Emily Gustafson-Plummer Dental Hygiene
Emily Reynolds MIT Applicant
Emily Stair Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Emma Carey Dental Hygiene
Emmy Li Dental Hygiene
Emri Aronggear Renewable Energy Engineering
Eric Buckland Mgmt/Accounting Option
Eric Garcia MIT Applicant
Eric Johnson Biology-Health Sciences
Eric Magers Software Engineering Tech
Eric Marks EMT - Paramedic
Erica Bennett MIT Applicant
Erica Tesdahl *IT Health Informatics Opt
Erik Andersen Software Engineering Tech
Erika Garvey Respiratory Care
Erin Burdick Dental Hygiene
Erin Nowak Radiologic Science
Ethan Hall Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Ethan Pitzer Emergency Medical Services
Evan Troxel Electrical Engineering
Evdakaya Snegireff Dental Hygiene
Flordelisa Rohrbough Echocardiography
Florencio Aguilar Pre-Nursing
Floyd Young *IT Applications Dev Opt
Forest Feltner Mechanical Engineering
Gabriel Sample *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Gabrielle Basham MIT Applicant
Gabrielle Gundersen Radiologic Science
Gage Nebel Radiologic Science
Galen McDermed Electrical Engineering
Garrett Fleischer Software Engineering Tech
Garrick Beat Mechanical Engineering
Gary Pedersen *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Genevieve Rafferty Dental Hygiene
Geoffrey Gardner Clinical Laboratory Science
Gina Durando Dental Hygiene
Gina Knox Clinical Laboratory Science
Glenn Jennings Nuclear Medicine Technology
Grace Smith MIT Applicant
Grant Alexander Biology-Health Sciences
Grant Gholston Mechanical Engineering
Gregory Collins Civil Engineering
Gregory Nugent Clinical Laboratory Science
Gregory Spallas Mechanical Engineering
Hailey Huot MIT Applicant
Haley Crume Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Hannah Dimich Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Hannah Pope MIT Applicant
Harris Leslie Echocardiography
Helen Iliff Renewable Energy Engineering
Henry Rueda Mechanical Engineering
Ian Murphy Software Engineering Tech
Ian Tarnovsky Biology-Health Sciences
Isaac Harries Software Engineering Tech
Jack Smith Applied Psychology
Jackson Wold Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Jacob Adamson Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Jacob Ferrer Applied Psychology
Jacob Freeman Electrical Engineering
Jacob Green Electrical Engineering
Jacob McAvoy Biology-Health Sciences
Jacob Ovgard Communication Studies
Jacob Tiffee Radiologic Science
Jacqueline Wood Radiologic Science
Jacquelyn Butte MIT Applicant
Jadyn Lenard Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Jaime Cobian Echocardiography
James Fahey Clinical Laboratory Science
Jamie Gillespie Radiologic Science
Jana DuBose Applied Psychology
Jasmine Lewis MIT Applicant
Jason Bryers Echocardiography
Jason Herfindahl Radiologic Science
Jason Millar Civil Engineering
Jazmine Lebsack Applied Psychology
Jena McCann Dental Hygiene
Jennifer Aguirre Mgmt/Marketing Option
Jennifer Cabauatan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jennifer Challis Renewable Energy Engineering
Jennifer Golemon Pre-Respiratory Care
Jennifer Larue Nuclear Medicine Technology
Jennifer Lee Clinical Laboratory Science
Jennifer Millar Environmental Sciences
Jennifer Sisco Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Jennifer Weibel Clinical Laboratory Science
Jered Sundquist Software Engineering Tech
Jeremiah Brown Electrical Engineering
Jeremiah Lipp Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Jeremie Haines Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jesse Alves Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Conrad Respiratory Care
Jessica Foster Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Jessica Klamp Radiologic Science
Jessica West Radiologic Science
Jessie Billings MIT Applicant
Jessie Murrell Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Jill Coblentz MIT Applicant
Joann Winters MIT Applicant
Joel Dibrell Applied Psychology
Joelle Swanson Applied Psychology
John Bauer Renewable Energy Engineering
John Cunningham EMT - Paramedic
John Noreault Diagnostic Medical Sonography
John Schulz Mechanical Engineering
Johnathan Leuthold Software Engineering Tech
Jolene Golemon Pre-Nursing
Joley Powell MIT Applicant
Jonathan Allen Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Jonathan Ripley EMT - Paramedic
Jonathan Waldrip Electrical Engineering
Jordan Frerichs Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jordan Goetsch Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jordan Preston Civil Engineering
Jordan Spangler Electrical Engineering
Jordan Townley Communication Studies
Jose Ruiz Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Joseph Miller Software Engineering Tech
Joshua Braunschweig Electrical Engineering
Joshua Hartwell Software Engineering Tech
Joshua Muswieck Environmental Sciences
Joshua Ricketts Radiologic Science
Joshua Thorpe Radiologic Science
Joshua Young EMT - Paramedic
Joslyn Crewse Mgmt/Marketing Option
Juan Munoz Mechanical Engineering
Julie Aria Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Julien Mindlin-Davidson Mechanical Engineering
Justin Dibble Environmental Sciences
Justin Willhite Environmental Sciences
Justine Cooley EMT - Paramedic
Justinne Vaughan Respiratory Care
Kacy Sisco Echocardiography
Kaela Shenk Dental Hygiene
Kaila Dillon Radiologic Science
Kaitlin Lindenburger Biology-Health Sciences
Kaitlinn Moody Respiratory Care
Kaitlyn Collier Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kaitlyn Emard Dental Hygiene
Kaitlyn Erner MIT Applicant
Kalina Michaels Respiratory Care
Kanissa Brown Radiologic Science
Kara Randall Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Karen Eberle Vascular Technology
Karen Small Biology-Health Sciences
Karena Higgins Respiratory Care
Karissa Harbick Radiologic Science
Karra Mahan Clinical Laboratory Science
Katelyn Mitchell Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Katherine Baxter Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Katherine Derby Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Kathleen Glassow Radiologic Science
Kathryn McNamee Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kathryn Rooney Applied Mathematics
Katie Frambes Echocardiography
Katie Nguyen Respiratory Care
Katie Virtue MIT Applicant
Katlyn Dibrell Applied Psychology
Katlyn Hibbs Biology-Health Sciences
Katy Fernlund Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Brown Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kayla Warlick Radiologic Science
Kelli Ford Respiratory Care
Kelsey Rank Radiologic Science
Kelsey Sampson Renewable Energy Engineering
Kelsey West Radiologic Science
Kendra Downing Dental Hygiene
Kevin Baker Civil Engineering
Kevin Juba Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Kiara Feldman Vascular Technology
Kiera Sloan Mechanical Engineering
Kim Phung Radiologic Science
Kimberly Clark Applied Psychology
Kimberly Goy Echocardiography
Kipp Rouse Mechanical Engineering
Kirwan Fox Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Kourtney Mootz Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Krista Roberson Echocardiography
Kristian Adair EMT - Paramedic
Kristin Burkholder MIT Applicant
Kristin DePaoli Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kristin McBride Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kristine Day MIT Applicant
Kristopher Luke Echocardiography
Kurtis Pipkin Civil Engineering
Kyanna Rogers Communication Studies
Kylee Schimel Nuclear Medicine Technology
Kylee Torrico Dental Hygiene
Kyra Acosta Radiologic Science
Lacey Bewley Echocardiography
Lacey Bland Communication Studies
Lander Nordal Mechanical Engineering
Laney Jensen Dental Hygiene
Laura Gotthardt Clinical Laboratory Science
Laurel Stewart Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lauren Slominski Respiratory Care
Leander Rodriguez Software Engineering Tech
LeAnn Valenta Radiologic Science
Leland Cowger Software Engineering Tech
Lena Barna Dental Hygiene
Lewis Sanchez Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Lidia Egoavil Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Lillian Shan Clinical Laboratory Science
Lillie Ogden Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lindsey Butler Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lindsey McClure Radiologic Science
Logan Madden EMT - Paramedic
Loren Lang Electrical Engineering
Lucas Beauchamp Geomatics-option in Surveying
Lucas Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Luis Gomez Radiologic Science
Luke Harless Radiologic Science
Luke Thompson Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Lynsey Johnson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mackenzie Murphy Biology-Health Sciences
Magdalaine Thomas Vascular Technology
Maile Devine Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Makenzie Norwill Biology-Health Sciences
Malea Ritter Communication Studies
Mallory Rose Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Margaret Anderson Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Mariela Quevedo Dental Hygiene
Marissa Whitley Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Marlana Bartram Radiologic Science
Martin Stonesifer Vascular Technology
Mary Drzayich Civil Engineering
Mary Matzen Dental Hygiene
Matthew Barber Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Del Fante Software Engineering Tech
Matthew Gervasi EMT - Paramedic
Matthew Hampton *IT Health Informatics Opt
Matthew Johnson EMT - Paramedic
Mattie Byers MIT Applicant
Max Brandstetter Software Engineering Tech
Maysea Young Dental Hygiene
McKenna Drake Dental Hygiene
McKenzi Benedict Dental Hygiene
McKenzie Anderson Dental Hygiene
McKenzie Crawford Vascular Technology
Mckenzie Norris MIT Applicant
McKinzee Merrill Pre-Nursing
Meera Ajudia Nuclear Medicine Technology
Megan Cook Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Megan Krautscheid Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Melissa Carson Applied Psychology
Melissa Ceron Mgmt/Accounting Option
Melissa Gibson Echocardiography
Micah Fillinger EMT - Paramedic
Michael Burton Communication Studies
Michael Sparks Civil Engineering
Michael Walker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Michelle Cirrito Renewable Energy Engineering
Michelle Cottier Operations Management
Michelle Kammerer Radiologic Science
Mikala Barnes Radiologic Science
Miranda Frey MIT Applicant
Misael Rios Radiologic Science
Misagh Rostami Asrabad Electrical Engineering
Mitchell Davis Echocardiography
Mohamed Alhosani Renewable Energy Engineering
Molli Drivdahl Software Engineering Tech
Molly Fronk Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Molly Orr Dental Hygiene
Morgaine Riggins Environmental Sciences
Morgan Masley Civil Engineering
Nathan Arteaga Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nathan Garrelts Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Nathan Hunter Mgmt/Accounting Option
Nathan Pajutee Mgmt/Marketing Option
Nathan Urcheck Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nathan Wade Mgmt/Marketing Option
Nathaniel Hughes Electrical Engineering
Nathaniel Stevenson Respiratory Care
Nicholas Babcock Renewable Energy Engineering
Nicholas Chow Mechanical Engineering Tech
Nicklas Ringler Radiologic Science
Nicolo DePierro Clinical Laboratory Science
Niella Zenuhin Dental Hygiene
Oriane Lussier Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Patrick Barnett *IT Applications Dev Opt
Patrick Caruana Software Engineering Tech
Patrick Oswald Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Paul Adams Mgmt/Marketing Option
Paul Boggs II *IT Applications Dev Opt
Paul Davitt Operations Management
Paul Snyder Clinical Laboratory Science
Paul Zapp-Albin EMT - Paramedic
Paula Martinez Radiologic Science
Peter Wade *IT Health Informatics Opt
Peter Wong Clinical Laboratory Science
Petra Topete-Martinez Dental Hygiene
Piper Marks Applied Psychology
Prakash Thapa Operations Management
Quinton Weaver Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Rachel Botsford Radiologic Science
Rachel Merrill Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Rafael Belloc Civil Engineering
Ramiro Espinosa Civil Engineering
Randy Ishitani MIT Applicant
Raygan Gardner Radiologic Science
Raygen Yantis Clinical Laboratory Science
Rebecca Short Clinical Laboratory Science
Rebekah Kaufman Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Regina Koli Operations Management
Regina Lagu Clinical Laboratory Science
Rhonda Costin Geomatics-option in Surveying
Richard Putman Radiologic Science
Riley O'Boyle Civil Engineering
Rob Johnson Electrical Engineering
Robert Schomp Renewable Energy Engineering
Robert Ward EMT - Paramedic
Rochelle DeBlock Radiologic Science
Roderick Winters Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Roman Bogza Electronics Engineering Tech
Rosemarie Treece *IT Health Informatics Opt
Ross Grauf Respiratory Care
Royce Taft Electrical Engineering
Ryan Fox Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Grant Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Hayden Echocardiography
Ryan Kelly Civil Engineering
Ryan Palmberg EMT - Paramedic
Ryan Pierce Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Snyder Applied Psychology
Ryken Robbins Radiologic Science
Ryley McAllister Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sadie Birch MIT Applicant
Sage Chittick Biology-Health Sciences
Sally Bradley Mgmt/Accounting Option
Samantha Brotherton MIT Applicant
Samantha Lindauer Pre-Nursing
Samantha Martin Radiologic Science
Samantha Snyder MIT Applicant
Samuel Driver Biology-Health Sciences
Samuel Farris *IT Applications Dev Opt
Samuel Pack Echocardiography
Sandra Busch Dental Hygiene
Sara Cole Radiologic Science
Sara Filer Pre-Nursing
Sara Howard Radiologic Science
Sarah Brown Radiologic Science
Sarah Buchanan Clinical Laboratory Science
Sarah Cottle MIT Applicant
Sarah Lamb EMT - Paramedic
Sarah McGraw Dental Hygiene
Sarah Richards Radiologic Science
Sarah Wright Clinical Laboratory Science
Savanna Nickols Biology-Health Sciences
Sean Gorey Mechanical Engineering
Serena Evenson MIT Applicant
Sergio Guevara Mechanical Engineering
Sergio Marroquin Renewable Energy Engineering
Seth Gretz Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Shane Bright Vascular Technology
Shane Broome Mechanical Engineering Tech
Shanna McDonald Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shannelle Cayetano Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shannon Croghan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shannon O'Connell Respiratory Care
Shantell Goodwin Operations Management
Shauna Collins Respiratory Care
Shaylee McGuire Radiologic Science
Shaylen Rosas Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shelbey Coulter Mechanical Engineering
Shelby Fioravanti MIT Applicant
Shelby Heidrick Nuclear Medicine Technology
Shelby Junette Radiologic Science
Shelby Thompson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Shelby Thomsen Nuclear Medicine Technology
Sidney Odman Radiologic Science
Simona Arnautov Echocardiography
Sovanratha In *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Stephanie O'Neill Dental Hygiene
Stephanie Vetter Software Engineering Tech
Sterling Moore Mechanical Engineering Tech
Steven Alspach Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Steven Krall Echocardiography
Steven Reed Civil Engineering
Stewart Taylor Software Engineering Tech
Sydney Luepton Radiologic Science
Sydney Waters MIT Applicant
Sylvianna Marquez Dental Hygiene
Taelynn Tangonan Dental Hygiene
Tammi Edge Applied Psychology
Taylor Cambra Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Taylor Johnson Renewable Energy Engineering
Taylor Kroshus MIT Applicant
Taylor Redd MIT Applicant
Taylor Redding Renewable Energy Engineering
Taylor Simon Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Terena Martin Vascular Technology
Thao Nguyen Dental Hygiene
Thelma Schneider Dental Hygiene
Thomas McCloskey Radiologic Science
Thomas Ziegler *IT Applications Dev Opt
Thuy Nguyen *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Thyanna Voisine Software Engineering Tech
Tiana Sellars Dental Hygiene
Tiana Smith Dental Hygiene
Tiffany Barnes Mgmt/Marketing Option
Tiffany Lyons Biology-Health Sciences
Tim Hak Respiratory Care
Timothy Brown Geomatics-option in Surveying
Timothy Visser Health Informatics
Travis Ford Environmental Sciences
Travis Peterson-Welch Population Health Management
Travis Wilson Radiologic Science
Trenton Fender Mechanical Engineering
Trevor Williams Pre-Nursing
Tricia Lao Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Trinvette Wilson MIT Applicant
Troy Riblett Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Troy Wilder Respiratory Care
Tuyen Nguyen Clinical Laboratory Science
Tyler Dearman Environmental Sciences
Tyler Denney Software Engineering Tech
Tyler Harris Population Health Management
Tyler Martin Biology-Health Sciences
Tyler Pelc Radiologic Science
Tyler Peterson Electrical Engineering
Tyler Pinson *Civil Engineering
Tyler Puzey Geomatics-option in Surveying
Tyler Ross Software Engineering Tech
Tyler Swinton Mgmt/Accounting Option
Tyler Van Kirk Radiologic Science
Valeria Menke Communication Studies
Vanessa Chizum Radiologic Science
Vanessa Gardner Mgmt/Accounting Option
Veronica Norris Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Victoria West Nuclear Medicine Technology
Vinh Tong Mechanical Engineering Tech
Waldemar Schmidt Radiologic Science
Wei Chen Mechanical Engineering
Wendy Riggi Dental Hygiene
Wesley Crozier Clinical Laboratory Science
Wesley Inman Geomatics-option in Surveying
Whitney Lowe Radiologic Science
William Houtz Manufacturing Engineering Tech
William Morris Biology-Health Sciences
William Weaver Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Yaser Aljuhni Electronics Engineering Tech
Zachary Kovnat Health Informatics
Zachary Noeker Mechanical Engineering Tech
Zaina Zaidan Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Zainab Almualim Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
The following students have been named to the 2015 Spring Term Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade-point average. Only full-time students (12 credit hours or more) are eligible for academic honors.
Aaron Burke Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Hoover Radiologic Science
Adam Harvey Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Adam Parlato Mechanical Engineering Tech
Albert Zhen Software Engineering Tech
Alex Gibson Renewable Energy Engineering
Alexander Hagen Civil Engineering
Alexander Hogen Computer Engineering Tech
Alexander Tappin Software Engineering Tech
Alexandra Hohman McDonnell Clinical Laboratory Science
Alexis Gallagher Nuclear Medicine Technology
Alicia Marien Applied Mathematics
Alix Koontz Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Allison Cook Radiologic Science
Alysa Castle Applied Psychology
Alyssa Grimaldi Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alyssa Rupp Echocardiography
Amanda Cruz Mechanical Engineering
Amanda Krueger Respiratory Care
Amber Chasteen MIT Applicant
Amber Newcomb *IT Applications Dev Opt
Amy Lay Biology-Health Sciences
Amy Oosterman Biology-Health Sciences
Anastasia Blunk Environmental Sciences
Andrea Blake Radiologic Science
Andrew Bingham Electrical Engineering
Andrew Fairrington General Studies
Andrew White Geomatics-option in Surveying
Angela Gee Dental Hygiene
Anthony Nguyen Software Engineering Tech
Anthony Wirth *IT Applications Dev Opt
Antonio Hernandez Health Informatics
Ashley Baldovino Respiratory Care
Ashley Henry Respiratory Care
Ashton Britton Dental Hygiene
Aubrie Bush Nuclear Medicine Technology
Bailey Bixler Mechanical Engineering
Bailey Tehan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Bailey Whitehurst Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Barton Plimmer Electrical Engineering
Benjamin Brown Computer Engineering Tech
Benjamin Morse Electronics Engineering Tech
Benjamin Schulz Pre-Nursing
Bethany Listen Dual Renewable Energy/Env Sci
Bradley Wirth Mechanical Engineering
Braedon Wrosch Mechanical Engineering
Brandi Hamamoto Respiratory Care
Brandi Martin Vascular Technology
Brandon Bautista Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Brandon Bradstreet Mechanical Engineering
Brandon Keys Vascular Technology
Brandon Maher Echocardiography
Brandon Walker Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Brandon Westmoreland Software Engineering Tech
Breanna Stone Dental Hygiene
Brentson Kinoshita Mechanical Engineering
Brett Marcus Mechanical Engineering
Brian Dinh *IT Health Informatics Opt
Brian Nichols Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Brian Obedowski Echocardiography
Brianna Wright Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brittany Legget Biology-Health Sciences
Brittany Tomjack MIT Applicant
Brock Casselman Radiologic Science
Brooke Rennie Nuclear Medicine Technology
Bryan Mayberry Geomatics-option in Surveying
Bryce Cleary Electrical Engineering
Caitlin Hughes Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Caleb Kauffman Software Engineering Tech
Caleb Larson Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Cameron Brin Renewable Energy Engineering
Cara Fery Dental Hygiene
Carly McIsaac Applied Psychology
Carson Cummins Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Cassandra Tolman Radiologic Science
Cassidy Hoglund MIT Applicant
Caylin Hobgood MIT Applicant
Chad Rasmussen Electrical Engineering
Charles Goebel Dual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Charles McCully Mgmt/Accounting Option
Chase Huston Mechanical Engineering Tech
Cheyenne Low MIT Applicant
Christopher Eastham Electrical Engineering
Christopher Meyer Software Engineering Tech
Christopher Parsons Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Christopher Walters Operations Management
Clayton Simons Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Cody Abbott EMT - Paramedic
Collette Wicke Applied Psychology
Colton Wilson MIT Applicant
Connor Reynolds Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Cory Davie Mechanical Engineering
Coryna Johnson Software Engineering Tech
Courtney Villagrana Nuclear Medicine Technology
Daisha Acorda Pre-Nursing
Daisha Budel Pre-Dental Hygiene
Dakota Kanner Software Engineering Tech
Danielle Marshall Renewable Energy Engineering
Danyle Miles Electrical Engineering
Darriann Long Mgmt/Accounting Option
David Bartholomew Embedded Systems Eng Tech
David Cantrell Renewable Energy Engineering
David Houston Electrical Engineering
David Murphy Mgmt/Marketing Option
David Scheuermann Mechanical Engineering Tech
Devin Guenther Electrical Engineering
Diane Bettigole Radiologic Science
Edmondo Mazzulli Software Engineering Tech
Elijah Hawkins Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Nelson Radiologic Science
Elizabeth Thurman Electrical Engineering
Elyse Mace Nuclear Medicine Technology
Emma Niskanen Mechanical Engineering
Emmalee Thill Pre-Nursing
Emmitt Vandehey MIT Applicant
Enejan Yurchak EMT - Paramedic
Eric Ceballos MIT Applicant
Eric Ganim Respiratory Care
Eric Storey Electrical Engineering
Erin Enders Vascular Technology
Erin Nordhill Respiratory Care
Ersal Wairara *IT Applications Dev Opt
Florinda Paz Dental Hygiene
Garret Seppala Software Engineering Tech
Geoff Swoboda *IT Health Informatics Opt
Hailey Totorica Dental Hygiene
Haley Egbert Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Haley Maddess Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Hannah Lee Dental Hygiene
Heather Griffith Dental Hygiene
Heather Miller Dental Hygiene
Henry Bingham Biology-Health Sciences
Howard Price Echocardiography
Huyen Phan MIT Applicant
Ian Reynolds Echocardiography
Ian Sanford Software Engineering Tech
Irene Alonzo MIT Applicant
Isaac Fordjour Echocardiography
Jackson Smith Renewable Energy Engineering
Jacob Denney Vascular Technology
Jacob Young Computer Engineering Tech
Jacqualyn Hardin Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
James Gundersen Mechanical Engineering
James Shaver Software Engineering Tech
James Young II Vascular Technology
Janay Revak Pre-Nursing
Janelle Ferlan Mgmt/Marketing Option
Jared Bucklein *IT Health Informatics Opt
Jared Nelson Radiologic Science
Jasmine Daniels Pre-Respiratory Care
Jenna Solheim Applied Psychology
Jerome Selig Computer Engineering Tech
Jesse Moreland Software Engineering Tech
Jesse Templin Electrical Engineering
Jessica Crew Dental Hygiene
Jessica dela Cruz Mechanical Engineering
Jessica Grapentine Dental Hygiene
Jessica Hall Dental Hygiene
Jessie Reyes Radiologic Science
Jodi Mork MIT Applicant
John Dumbauld Mechanical Engineering
John Furlan Software Engineering Tech
Jose Leon MIT Applicant
Joseph Galbraith Electrical Engineering
Joseph Grier Nuclear Medicine Technology
Joseph Maurer Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Nguyen *IT Health Informatics Opt
Joshua Cumberland Clinical Laboratory Science
Joshua Esquivel Respiratory Care
Joshua Johnson Applied Psychology
Joshua Johnson Mgmt/Marketing Option
Joy Cummings Mgmt/Accounting Option
Juan Hernandez Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Juanita Coonse Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Julie Zaiger Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Justin Harms Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Justin VonTungeln Environmental Sciences
Kara Wood Dental Hygiene
Kari Wooten Clinical Laboratory Science
Kassandra Coleman Dental Hygiene
Katherine Valentine Software Engineering Tech
Kathryn Case Applied Psychology
Kati Hall Dental Hygiene
Katie Ingram Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Katie Iorg Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Katie Pinson Applied Psychology
Kayla Brownson Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kayla Haffner Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kaylee Grigsby Dental Hygiene
Kelcie Wiley Population Health Management
Kelly Coash Radiologic Science
Kelsey Leinbach Electrical Engineering
Kelson Bertrand Radiologic Science
Kelvin McDonald Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Kennan Wong Electrical Engineering
Kenneth Holthus Electrical Engineering
Kevin Campbell Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Kevin Fessler Software Engineering Tech
Kevin Hoyt *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Kevin Johnston Civil Engineering
Kevin Versteeg *IT Applications Dev Opt
Kiahloni Henry Applied Mathematics
Killian Shields Applied Psychology
Kimberly Moser Biology-Health Sciences
Kimberly Perlot Dental Hygiene
Krislynd Nebhon Estalilla Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Kristyn Burns Radiologic Science
Krysti Barbour Mgmt/Accounting Option
Kyla Patty Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Kyle Johnson Applied Psychology
Kyra Cavalli Vascular Technology
Kyra Giffen Applied Psychology
Landon Albertson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Laura Frame Mgmt/Accounting Option
Lauren Knotz-Martin MIT Applicant
Lauren VanDyke Vascular Technology
Leah Townsend Biology-Health Sciences
Lindsay Harrison Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Lindsey Basuel MIT Applicant
Lindsey Tucker Nuclear Medicine Technology
Logan Wright Software Engineering Tech
Long Dinh Andrew Nguyen Electronics Engineering Tech
Lorena Regus Matos *IT Applications Dev Opt
Lorrie Adams *IT Health Informatics Opt
Lucas Simmons Health Informatics
Lydia Doza Software Engineering Tech
Lynzee Wortman Mgmt/Marketing Option
Macyn Nagao Pre-Nursing
Maria Avila-Perez Dental Hygiene
Maria Mejia Dental Hygiene
Marianne Thrasher Clinical Laboratory Science
Marie Hult Operations Management
Mark Shanklin Software Engineering Tech
Martha Ledou Respiratory Care
Mason Manera Electrical Engineering
Mathew Hymas *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Matthew Lee Technology and Management
Matthew Lipscomb Radiologic Science
Matthew Merjil MIT Applicant
McKenzie Campbell Operations Management
Mckenzie Munro Echocardiography
McKenzy Leveton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Megan Devorak Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Megan Holland Respiratory Care
Megan Ross Clinical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Megan Whetstone Mechanical Engineering
Melinda Meyer Mgmt/Small Bus Mgmt Option
Michael Bettis Renewable Energy Engineering
Michael Koechel *IT Bus/Systems Analysis Opt
Michael Larrabee Renewable Energy Engineering
Michael Peterson Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Michael Smith Operations Management
Michelle Davis Applied Psychology
Miriam Compton Applied Mathematics
Mykala Rubey Applied Psychology
Naomi Futrell Respiratory Care
Nathan Bigby Communication Studies
Nathaniel Hunt-Kelly Biology-Health Sciences
Nicholas Brown Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Carew Renewable Energy Engineering
Nickolas Evers Information Technology
Nicole Ross Pre-Medical Imaging Tech
Olivia Mendez Communication Studies
Olivia Wick Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Patrick Clouser Clinical Laboratory Science
Paul Harwood *IT Health Informatics Opt
Pauline Gao Han Clinical Laboratory Science
Peter Bach Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Peter Bayley Computer Engineering Tech
Pulaud Mehr Dental Hygiene
Rachel Dana Echocardiography
Raeanna Washington Applied Psychology
Raena Rodgers Mgmt/Marketing Option
Randi Koski Dental Hygiene
Raven Jones Dental Hygiene
Rebecca Crumrine Nuclear Medicine Technology
Rebecca Larson MIT Applicant
Renee Baumann Biology-Health Sciences
Richard Mahuze Electrical Engineering
Riley Roslund MIT Applicant
Rizka Ongge Environmental Sciences
Robin West Radiologic Science
Rosalyn Phan Clinical Laboratory Science
Roxanne Sadony MIT Applicant
Ryan Bell Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Fitzgerald Biology-Health Sciences
Ryan Hokema Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Polaski Software Engineering Tech
Ryan Roberson Nuclear Medicine Technology
Ryan Snow MIT Applicant
Sadie Bollman Biology-Health Sciences
Sage Copeland Vascular Technology
Samantha Davis Dental Hygiene
Samantha Posch Respiratory Care
Samson Lam Mechanical Engineering
Samuel Huff Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Sang Mai MIT Applicant
Santiago Estrada Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Sarah Hill Environmental Sciences
Sarah Mihulka Biology-Health Sciences
Scott Gregg Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Sean Anderson Radiologic Science
Sean Price Radiologic Science
Shaymarie Parker Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Shon Webber Electrical Engineering
Sophia Huteson Echocardiography
Sovanny Yun Software Engineering Tech
Stacee Halvorsen MIT Applicant
Stacy O'Keeffe Respiratory Care
Stanley Olemgbe Clinical Laboratory Science
Stephanie Boerste Respiratory Care
Stephanie Chen Respiratory Care
Stephen Sautter Operations Management
Steven Bartow Electrical Engineering
Steven White Respiratory Care
Susie Garza Communication Studies
Tamara Evans Civil Engineering
Tammy Gillespie Applied Psychology
Tanessa Howell Emergency Medical Services
Tanner Gilliland MIT Applicant
Taran Koch MIT Applicant
Taylor Brooks Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Taylor Munson Dental Hygiene
Taylor Thompson *IT Health Informatics Opt
Taylor Wagner Mechanical Engineering
Tess Parsons Mgmt/Marketing Option
Thach Nguyen *IT Health Informatics Opt
Theresa May Pre-Nursing
Thoa Tran Clinical Laboratory Science
Tifany Lagos Renewable Energy Engineering
Timothy Hansen Electrical Engineering
Timothy Kisling Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Travis Chagnon Respiratory Care
Travis McKee Civil Engineering
Tre Sullivan Newman Mgmt/Marketing Option
Trevor Lundsten Civil Engineering
Tyson Dahl Radiologic Science
Vanesa Salazar-Robledo Radiologic Science
Vathani Logendran Clinical Laboratory Science
Vindy Sermumes Nuclear Medicine Technology
Wanchun Su Vascular Technology
Wendy Pacheco Respiratory Care
Whitney Hull-Pitcher Dental Hygiene
William Brooks Mechanical Engineering
William Natividad Environmental Sciences
Wyatt St Marie MIT Applicant
Zachary Hammond Electrical Engineering
Zachary Miller Echocardiography
Zana Mays Environmental Sciences