The following students have been named to the 2021-2022 Fall Term President's and Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Only full-time undergraduate students (12 credit hours or more at Oregon Tech) are eligible for academic honors. Please contact the Registrar's Office at 541-885-1300 with any questions.

The following students have been named to the President's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.70 grade-point average and above.

Justise Abbas Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Aaron Acord Geomatics-option in Surveying
Benjamin Adams Electrical Engineering
Caleb Adams Accounting
Joel Adams Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Makenna Adams Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Hope Adamson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Aaron Adkisson Mechanical Engineering
Lea Agtarap Medical Laboratory Science
Estefany Aguilar Jacobo Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Irene Aguirre Applied Psychology
Macy Aguirre Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Afrah Ahmed Medical Laboratory Science
Muhammed Ahmed Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Zaysha Akina-Mahoe Biology-Health Sciences
Mohsin Al Mufargi Renewable Energy Engineering
Garret Albrecht Environmental Sciences
Joshua Alejandre Civil Engineering
Chancellor Alford Mechanical Engineering
Garrett Allen Mechanical Engineering
Natalie Allen Radiologic Science
Terrik Allman Communication Studies
Yulisa Alonzo Pre-Nursing Gen Study
April Amans Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gavin Amstad Biology-Health Sciences
Finn Anders Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kristie Anderson Pre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Rayyan Ansari Software Engineering Tech
London Argyle Applied Psychology
McKenna Armantrout Environmental Sciences
Shelby Armistead Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Bianca Arnold Radiologic Science
Nathaniel Arnold Software Engineering Tech
Natalie Arnot Civil Engineering
Robert Arthur Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Amber Arvin Respiratory Care
Olivia Atiyeh Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Tony Augustine Renewable Energy Engineering
Lacey Augustus Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Brandon Austin Electrical Engineering
Emmanuel Austin Cybersecurity
Samuel Avallone Biology-Health Sciences
Christian Avila-Lillard Radiologic Science
Yessica Ayala Dental Hygiene
Jasmin Ayala Canenguez Dental Hygiene
Jenifer Ayala Canenguez Dental Hygiene
Joetta Ayres Software Engineering Tech
Noah Azzopardi Mechanical Engineering
Tristan Bachman Radiologic Science
Gabriel Bafia Software Engineering Tech
Jacob Baker Mechanical Engineering
Katlyn Baker Environmental Sciences
Sydney Baker Biology-Health Sciences
Daniel Ballard Medical Laboratory Science
Micah Baltensperger Vascular Technology
Marlen Banuelos Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Aaron Barkley Cybersecurity
Kameron Barone Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Abraham Barr Civil Engineering
Amelia Barr Biology-Health Sciences
Douglas Bartell Business Management Option
Adin Bartlett Mechanical Engineering
Kyrie Bartolome Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Mario Batres Dental Hygiene
Jonathan Baumann Applied Psychology
Lakota BearsGhost Couturie Dental Hygiene
Mariko Bebb Respiratory Care
Aaron Becker Cybersecurity
Haley Becker Radiologic Science
Kade Beer Radiologic Science
Sydney Beers Mechanical Engineering
Taylour Beigh Mechanical Engineering
Brittni Belill Applied Psychology
Braeden Bellum Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Heather Bemis Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Tobias Benavides Mechanical Engineering
Alexis Benitez Radiologic Science
Logan Benoy Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Brandon Bensen Cybersecurity
Jack Bergeron Mechanical Engineering Tech
Brooke Bianchi Polysomnographic Technology
Jaelynne Birkby Biology-Health Sciences
Olivia Birkby Respiratory Care
Jason Bitah Mechanical Engineering
Kagan Bixler Mechanical Engineering
Marshal Bixler Mechanical Engineering
Rita Blades Radiologic Science
Victor Blanco Alonso Medical Laboratory Science
Cooper Blodgett Radiologic Science
Crew Blodgett Radiologic Science
Shelby Blodgett Biology-Health Sciences
Landry Bloo Health Care Mgmt-Clinical Mgmt
Madelyne Bluemmel Dental Hygiene
Megan Bolden Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Victor Bonnet Software Engineering Tech
Luke Borja Operations Management
Carter Borror Biology-Health Sciences
Daniel Botello Rodriguez Cybersecurity
Maria Botello-Rodriguez Cybersecurity
Michael Bottita Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Aurora Boudro Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Shannon Bowdle Dental Hygiene
Collin Bowdoin Computer Engineering Tech
Anastasia Boylan Business Management Option
Jessica Boyles Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Emily Boysen Applied Psychology
Sadie Brackeen Civil Engineering
Eva Brady Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Brittan Bratscher Radiologic Science
Aidan Bremont Radiologic Science
Riley Brennan Professional Writing
Brooklyn Bresko Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Abbey Briley Civil Engineering
Matthew Bringman EMT - Paramedic
Kimberlee Britton Professional Writing
Aarika Brooks Respiratory Care
Rachel Broskey Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Aislinn Browder Radiologic Science
Elyse Brown Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jamie Brown Operations Management
Steve Brown Technology and Management
Veronica Brown Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gabriel Browning Software Engineering Tech
Morgan Brumley Respiratory Care
Raika Bruner Pre-Paramedic Gen Study
Sebastian Brunk Civil Engineering
Hannah Jochelle Bruno Civil Engineering
Addison Bryant Applied Psychology
Drew Bryant Software Engineering Tech
Hannah Bulla Cybersecurity
Jennifer Burke Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Alyx Burkhartzmeyer Biology-Health Sciences
Catherine Butsch Dental Hygiene
William Button Civil Engineering
Casey Butz Biology-Health Sciences
Joseph Byers Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Maren Calavan Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Alyssa Caldwell Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Cameron Caldwell Biology-Health Sciences
Stephen Camden Information Technology
April Cameron Environmental Sciences
Emma Campbell Vascular Technology
Rona Campbell Medical Laboratory Science
Amanda Canida Information Technology
Payton Canon Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Piper Cantrell Dental Hygiene
Kylee Cantu Vascular Technology
Matthew Cardiel Information Technology
Eric Carlson Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Hannah Carr Applied Psychology
Tyler Carroll EMT - Paramedic
Jacob Carsley Software Engineering Tech
Nicolas Cassaday Mechanical Engineering
Brooke Cassidy Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Nina Castelli Medical Laboratory Science
Genevieve Castle Business Management Option
Israel Castro Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Amber Cave Respiratory Care
Brittany Chapanar Echocardiography
Dana Chase Radiologic Science
Thelma Chavarin Medical Laboratory Science
Alejandro Chavez Radiologic Science
Huisi Cheng Medical Laboratory Science
Ashley Chenoweth Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Darin Chitwood Electrical Engineering
Brynne Christie Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Valentina Cingel Medical Laboratory Science
Richard Cloud II Applied Psychology
Carina Cobian Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gabriel Cobian Radiologic Science
Karina Cobian Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kaleen Coker Radiologic Science
Kelsie Collins Dental Hygiene
Noelle Colmenero Dental Hygiene
Chiara Colvin Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Jenette Conley Health Informatics
Scott Cooke Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Cooley Cybersecurity
Bryan Cooper Cybersecurity
Cameron Cornelius Cybersecurity
James Cornforth EMT - Paramedic
Corrina Corp Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Walter Corthell Renewable Energy Engineering
Tabitha Coss Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Paul Coulter Information Technology
Emmett Covello Medical Laboratory Science
Courtney Cowan Dental Hygiene
Caleb Cox Mechanical Engineering Tech
Maxwell Cox Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Craig Population Health Management
Cameron Cramer Mechanical Engineering
Jesse Crofutt Geomatics-option in GIS
Sunshine Crosiar Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Allison Crowell Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Ezekiel Cruz Business Marketing Option
McKenna Culpepper Radiologic Science
Charles Curl Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Patricia Cynor Information Technology
Spencer Dahlke Dual Mech Eng Tech/MFG Eng Tec
Jacob Daniels Mechanical Engineering
Madyson Daniels Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Ashley Dankenbring Dental Hygiene
Jacob Davidson Mechanical Engineering
Alyssa Davis Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Danielle Daxenbichler Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Diego De La Rosa Nava EMT - Paramedic
Madeline DeForest Dental Hygiene
Guinevere DeVore Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Elizabeth Decker Medical Lab Science-Earlyadm
Taylor Dehle Mechanical Engineering Tech
Kieran Dela Cruz Software Engineering Tech
Daniel Delancey Mechanical Engineering
Peyton Delp Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Gage Delzotti Biology-Health Sciences
Keegan Dentinger Biology-Health Sciences
Dylan Derego Mechanical Engineering
Beth Derner Echocardiography
Sheila Dickens Echocardiography
Jacob Dickerson Operations Management
Delani Dietrich Biology-Health Sciences
Kaylee Dilworth Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Mason Dirickson Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Dirling Cybersecurity
Brandon Donat Mechanical Engineering
Garrett Dorr Mechanical Engineering
Gino Dowens Mechanical Engineering
Callie Drescher Dental Hygiene
Lena Dreyer Biology-Health Sciences
Abbey DuBois Software Engineering Tech
Lea Duboust Medical Laboratory Science
Annette Duhon-Clark Applied Psychology
Andrew Dunning Radiologic Science
Joshua Dutey Mechanical Engineering
Aidan Duval Civil Engineering
Olivia Dykast Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nolan Earnest Mechanical Engineering
Ashton Eaton Mechanical Engineering
Christopher Eck Business Management Option
Colby Edwards Applied Mathematics
Grant Edwards Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Lauryn Edwards Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cara Eisele Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jessica Emhof Health Informatics
Daphine Engelhart Radiologic Science
Jessica Engeln Environmental Sciences
River Engum Mechanical Engineering
Michelle Epps Dental Hygiene
Dale Ervin Business Management Option
Jimmy Ervin General Studies
Valeria Estrada Radiologic Science
Marcus Ewers Information Technology
Jacob Ewing Renewable Energy Engineering
Daniel Fallon Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Brandi Faries-Nguyen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kristin Farrell Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Christopher Farrish Respiratory Care
Lydia Ferguson Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Joshuah Fisher-Tachouet EMT - Paramedic
Connor Fitzgerald EMT - Paramedic
Amanda Flackus Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Isaiah Flores Civil Engineering
Andra Fondersmith Dental Hygiene
Kai Fontanilla Mechanical Engineering
Ian Forrest Mechanical Engineering
Danielle Forseng Health Informatics
Hayden Fouts Cybersecurity
Hailey Fox Radiologic Science
Sophia Francois Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Sarah Franklin Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Erik Fraser Civil Engineering
Brittany Fredenburg Dental Hygiene
Ian Freedain Cybersecurity
Samantha Fretwell Dental Hygiene
Joshua Fritzler Mechanical Engineering
Blake Frost Mechanical Engineering
Macey Frost Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ashlyn Funk-Tracy Software Engineering Tech
Ella Gaddi-Nguyen Vascular Technology
Raegan Gail Radiologic Science
Cody Gaither Electrical Engineering
Tayla Gale Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Tyler Gamble Cybersecurity
Daniela Garcia Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Katelyn Gardner Respiratory Care
Natalie Gardner Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Sarah Gehrke Radiologic Science
John Genge Accounting
Nicholas George Mechanical Engineering
Kellen Gerig Communication Studies
Nathaniel Gettman Mechanical Engineering
Ray Gillespie Medical Laboratory Science
Ezekiel Gillette Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Patrick Giraudo Biology-Health Sciences
Melinda Gonzales Applied Psychology
Maritza Gonzalez Business Management Option
Greer Gonzolez Mechanical Engineering
Marla Goodspeed Renewable Energy Engineering
Benjamin Goodwin Mechanical Engineering
Jenna Gorden Civil Engineering
Micah Gordon Software Engineering Tech
Alyssa Gordon-Ross Medical Laboratory Science
Benjamin Grace Operations Management
Molly Grace Business Marketing Option
Michael Gray Biology-Health Sciences
Steven Green Radiologic Science
Dominic Green Hite Medical Laboratory Science
David Greene Renewable Energy Engineering
Etienne Gregory Cybersecurity
Dylan Grogan Renewable Energy Engineering
Jermias Guajardo Mechanical Engineering
Isabelle Guerra Medical Laboratory Science
Melissa Guijosa Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Charletta Gullatt Accounting
Natalie Haffner Radiologic Science
Izabel Hageman Medical Laboratory Science
Aubrey Hagge Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Rhett Haigh Biology-Health Sciences
Dylan Hall Software Engineering Tech
Jaden Hall Electrical Engineering
Madalynn Hall Radiologic Science
Levi Hallock Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Handyside Communication Studies
Hanna Hannan Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Tanner Hanneman Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Kevin Harber Biology-Health Sciences
Alyssa Harris Environmental Sciences
Sean Harrison Mechanical Engineering
Casidee Harrod Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Andrew Hart Mechanical Engineering
Caleb Hart Data Science
Brenton Hartley Operations Management
Daniel Hartsell Biology-Health Sciences
Ellis Harwood Mechanical Engineering
Cassidy Hass Radiologic Science
Taylor Haugen Technology and Management
Keegan Hauser Software Engineering Tech
Demi Hays Respiratory Care
Nico Hebert Dental Hygiene
Chase Matthew Hedani Civil Engineering
Sydney Hedlund Diagnostic Medical Sonography
McKenna Hein Geomatics-option in GIS
Aliyah Helling Medical Laboratory Science
Aaron Hellman Information Technology
James Helmen Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Destiny Hendrick Applied Psychology
Tess Hendricks Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jacob Hendrickson Respiratory Care
Ellee Henson Dental Hygiene
Rouxbee Her Health Informatics
Abigail Herbert Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gabriella Hering Environmental Sciences
John Hermance Information Technology
Eduardo Hernandez Information Technology
Natalia Hernandez Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Dylan Herrera Computer Engineering Tech
Drake Heuertz Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Hewitt Software Engineering Tech
Lexi Hibbs Medical Laboratory Science
Kate Hicks Environmental Sciences
Corey Joseph Hieronimus Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Jesse Higgins Biology-Health Sciences
Sharon Hill Health Informatics
Sarah Hillaire Civil Engineering
Ebin Hillard Geomatics-option in Surveying
Ellen Hilliker Echocardiography
Marina Hitchcock Medical Laboratory Science
Kayla Hite Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Samantha Hixon Medical Laboratory Science
Trevor Hladysh Radiologic Science
Mark Hodge Biology-Health Sciences
Todd Holce Mechanical Engineering
Luke Hongel Mechanical Engineering
Hannah Hoogs Medical Laboratory Science
David Hoover Biology-Health Sciences
Jade Hopkins Radiologic Science
Tyler Horner Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin Horwitt Biology-Health Sciences
Faith Houck-Wylie Applied Psychology
Douglas Houser Renewable Energy Engineering
Danielle Howard Information Technology
Andrew Huang Electrical Engineering
Lane Hughes Mechanical Engineering
Faith Hull Applied Psychology
Jesse Hunt Business Marketing Option
Ariah Hunt-Kelly Technology and Management
Kathleen Hunter Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Katrina Hurley Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Harrison Huynh Radiologic Science
Sydney Ibarra Dental Hygiene
Jeongjin In Software Engineering Tech
Roberto Iriche Vargas Technology and Management
Courtney Isom Operations Management
Kyle Iverson Mechanical Engineering
McKenzie Jacoby Radiologic Science
Molly Jaeger Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kaleah Jambalos Biology-Health Sciences
Tyler Jamison Mechanical Engineering
Kennedy Jantzi Business Management Option
Jaylan Jennings Information Technology
Alec Jensen Civil Engineering
Lindsay Jensen Radiologic Science
Micah Jio Civil Engineering
Alexander Johnson Mechanical Engineering
Breanna Johnson Radiologic Science
Camryn Johnson Respiratory Care
Daniel Johnson Information Technology
Danielle Johnson Dental Hygiene
Halea Johnson Dental Hygiene
Eli Jones Software Engineering Tech
Elisha Jones Operations Management
Logan Jones Cybersecurity
Natalie Jones Radiologic Science
Ryan Jones Radiologic Science
Charles Jowell Radiologic Science
Danielle Karageorge Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Javan Kargel Medical Laboratory Science
Javen Kazebee Software Engineering Tech
Wyatt Keady Geomatics-option in Surveying
Hannah Keesey Renewable Energy Engineering
Patrick Kelley Applied Psychology
Alyssa Kelton Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Cody Kemble Operations Management
Nyah Kendall Radiologic Science
Eleanor Kenyon Environmental Sciences
Kassidy Kightlinger Civil Engineering
Ryan Kile Renewable Energy Engineering
Hannah Kilpatrick Dental Hygiene
Daniel Kim Radiologic Science
Jasmyne King Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Hunter Kirch Radiologic Science
Jonathan Kleespies Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Sydney Kloek Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alexis Klum Applied Psychology
Connor Knaust Emergency Medical Services Mgt
Hannah Knaust Dental Hygiene
Jacob Knox Software Engineering Tech
James Kobelenz Electrical Engineering
Jaymes Kodak Biology-Health Sciences
Christopher Krause Civil Engineering
Kaitlyn Krautscheid Radiologic Science
Abigail Kreiser Communication Studies
Justin Krieger Technology and Management
Heather Kristoff Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kristian Krohn Information Technology
Tyler Kropp Geomatics-option in Surveying
Lauren Krueger Civil Engineering
Payton Krug Business Management Option
Nathaniel Krupp Mechanical Engineering
Jaime Kuchle Business Management Option
Andrew Kunis Dental Hygiene
Nicholas Lacno Software Engineering Tech
Kelsey Lagerquist Dental Hygiene
Emma Lagorio Echocardiography
Brittany Laker Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Trent Lamont Mechanical Engineering
Elizabeth Lander Echocardiography
Jordan Landers Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Carlie Landon Radiologic Science
Tanikwah Lang Environmental Sciences
Brayden Langley Software Engineering Tech
Keith Larson Mechanical Engineering
Robin Lathrop Dental Hygiene
Yuliya Latik Dental Hygiene
Lily Lavine Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Karen Lawrence Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Remie Le Vascular Technology
Rosey Le Medical Laboratory Science
Vinh Le Dental Hygiene
Gage LeCorre Mechanical Engineering
Kela Leamy Civil Engineering
Yareli Ledezma Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Ledgerwood Business Management Option
Juhee Lee Dental Hygiene
Piper Lee Radiologic Science
Zaedan Lee Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Leland Renewable Energy Engineering
JayCe Leonard Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Jose Lepe Business Marketing Option
Dmitriy Levshin Mechanical Engineering
Brett Lewandowski Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Brianna Lewis Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jarod Lewis Radiologic Science
Emily Lindemann Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Kaela Lindsey Dental Hygiene
Blake Loney Environmental Sciences
Diego Lopez Civil Engineering
Isabel Lopez Dental Hygiene
Tyler Lown Information Technology
Claire Lowry Business Management Option
Jadyn Luckman Applied Psychology
Preston Luckman Operations Management
Sadieann Luiz Applied Psychology
Kaylie Luker Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Steven Luna Civil Engineering
Nicholas Luther Software Engineering Tech
Nichlas Luton Mechanical Engineering Tech
Jillian Luttrull Biology-Health Sciences
Andrew Ly Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin MacDonald Mechanical Engineering Tech
Haley Maddess Radiologic Science
Reed Madsen Radiologic Science
Bastian Maerz Communication Studies
Bobby Mahaffey Software Engineering Tech
Kolby Mahoney Biology-Health Sciences
Andrea Malakar-Hernandez Communication Studies
Alex Malcolm Respiratory Care
Terren Maplethorpe Biology-Health Sciences
Brodie Marino Electrical Engineering
Brian Maroney Cybersecurity
Pheobe Marsh Applied Mathematics
Eric Marshall Radiologic Science
Rebecca Marszalek Applied Psychology
Austin Martin Geomatics-option in Surveying
Christopher Martinez Mechanical Engineering
Melina Martinez Rosales Dental Hygiene
Sarah Mathews Dental Hygiene
Dayna Matsuo Vascular Technology
Charles Matthews Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Jema Matthews Mechanical Engineering
Kellen Maul Software Engineering Tech
Eric McCombs Cybersecurity
McKuenzie McCormick Radiologic Science
Sean McCoy Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Lindsey McCutchen Radiologic Science
Will McDonough EMT - Paramedic
Abigayle McFetridge Civil Engineering
Lachlan McKimm Applied Psychology
Callan McLaughlin Cybersecurity
Derby McLaughlin Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Tyler McLin Business Management Option
Mikala McNay Radiologic Science
Kelseyann Mechem Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Edward Medina Software Engineering Tech
Dakota Meeker Electronics Engineering Tech
Brian Menges Mechanical Engineering
Emma Merrill Biology-Health Sciences
Lindsey Merten Radiologic Science
Victor Meyer Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Kaila Mick Dental Hygiene
Dylan Miguel Information Technology
Austen Miller Information Technology
Darius Miller Business Marketing Option
Donovan Miller Cybersecurity
Erin Miller Professional Writing
Logan Miller Renewable Energy Engineering
Madison Miller Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Windy Milne Applied Psychology
Regina Milner Health Care Mgmt-Rad Science
Mindy Miranda Communication Studies
Uros Mirkovic Information Technology
Jake Mitchell Mechanical Engineering
Carmen Mo Medical Laboratory Science
Brandon Moehlmann Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Serena Moha Civil Engineering
Isabella Mon Software Engineering Tech
Angel Mondragon Biology-Health Sciences
Kylie Mons Pre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Chase Moody Information Technology
Bailee Moore Radiologic Science
Joshua Moore Renewable Energy Engineering
Rochelle Moore Dental Hygiene
Dominic Morello Cybersecurity
Crystal Moreno Applied Psychology
Andrew Morgan Mechanical Engineering
Phillip Morse Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Carly Moss Biology-Health Sciences
Daphne Moy Dental Hygiene
Kyra Mull Dental Hygiene
Lilli-Ann Mundon-Burgonio Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Duane Munjar II Professional Writing
Derek Munn Renewable Energy Engineering
Daniel Munsey Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Jacob Murphy Electrical Engineering
Alison Myers Echocardiography
Mehdi Naciri Health Informatics
Akiko Nagai Medical Laboratory Science
Kyli Nagode Dental Hygiene
Dylan Nakagawa Civil Engineering
Evan Narimatsu Electrical Engineering
Samantha Nash Radiologic Science
Ezra Neese Electrical Engineering
Hayley Nelson Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Kinzie Nelson Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Taylor Nestle Vascular Technology
Austin Neumann Technology and Management
Rachel Newhard Business Management Option
Kathy Ngo Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Khanh Ngo Medical Laboratory Science
Anna Nguyen Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Dao Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Le Quynh Dao Nguyen Information Technology
Mai Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Phuongthanh Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Tammie Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Thao Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Victoria Nguyen Medical Laboratory Science
Vincent Nguyen Business Management Option
Caitlin Nieri Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
John Nordal Information Technology
Thomas Norton Health Informatics
Gerardo Nunez Dominguez Information Technology
Kayla Nystrom Geomatics-option in GIS
Caedmon O'neill Mechanical Engineering
Chase OSullivan Dental Hygiene
Allyson Odell Renewable Energy Engineering
Krystal Oliver Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gage Olivera Civil Engineering
Rosalia Olivera Dental Hygiene
Hannah Orey Radiologic Science
Marco Ortega Dual Compute/Software Eng Tech
Alexander Osbon Information Technology
Celeste Ossowski Environmental Sciences
Jace Owen Cybersecurity
Raef Owens Cybersecurity
Rena Pajarillo Applied Psychology
Kyla Anne Franchesca Palo Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Aidan Parshall Electrical Engineering
Adisen Parsons Echocardiography
Phenwyck Parsons Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Miriam Partida Biology-Health Sciences
Rajvi Patel Accounting
Matthew Payne Cybersecurity
Montgomery Payne Operations Management
Ryan Pearson Biology-Health Sciences
Justin Pena Mechanical Engineering
Dulce Perez Arredondo Dental Hygiene
Gustavo Perez Uribe Electrical Engineering
Ian Peters Mechanical Engineering
Nikki Peters Medical Laboratory Science
Jillian Petersen Communication Studies
Zachariah Petersen Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Becky Peterson Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Elizabeth Peterson Biology-Health Sciences
Macie Peterson Dental Hygiene
Mackenzie Peterson Biology-Health Sciences
Amber Pettijohn Sleep Health-Polysom Tech Opt
Brittney Pham Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Anh Phan Pre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Sarah Phares Dental Hygiene
Michael Phelps Civil Engineering
Mya Phelps Radiologic Science
Sydney Phelps Dental Hygiene
Cameron Phillips Geomatics-option in Surveying
Natalie Phillips Medical Laboratory Science
Caleb Pierce Cybersecurity
Dakhota Pierce Electrical Engineering
Cheyenne Pineiro Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Carissa Pixley Vascular Technology
Ryan Poling Mechanical Engineering Tech
Izabelle Pool Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Alexander Porter Software Engineering Tech
Lydia Poss Biology-Health Sciences
John Potts Communication Studies
Jacob Powell Cybersecurity
Aaliyah Powless Radiologic Science
Amanda Powley Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
David Prather Medical Laboratory Science
Jacob Pressley Software Engineering Tech
Gabriel Preston Mechanical Engineering
Tychon Preston Mechanical Engineering
Arthur Proost Communication Studies
Raymond Pryor Technology and Management
Berkley Puckett Dental Hygiene
Gaetana Punzel Dental Hygiene
Morgan Queen Business Management Option
Alexandra Radutiu Dental Hygiene
Kevin Ragsdale Radiologic Science
Miguel Ramirez Perez Technology and Management
Derek Ramsey Cybersecurity
Alixandria Rappleyea Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Michael Rask Cybersecurity
Wyatt Rasor Mechanical Engineering
Issac Redlinger Renewable Energy Engineering
Kirsten Reed Biology-Health Sciences
Lindsey Reeser Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Andie Reeves Operations Management
Sierra Regalado Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Allison Regruto Applied Psychology
Alexander Reiss Cybersecurity
Corban Remsburg Mechanical Engineering
William Reno Operations Management
Scott Renslow Computer Engineering Tech
Nicole Reyes Dual Mech Eng/MFG Eng Tech
Jessica Reynolds Dental Hygiene
Emily Rhodes Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Andrew Rice Software Engineering Tech
Anthony Rielly Software Engineering Tech
Ashley Ripplinger Dual Civil Eng/Env Sciences
Stephanie Rizo Applied Psychology
Conor Roark Civil Engineering
Ryan Roberts EMT - Paramedic
Laird Robertson Mechanical Engineering Tech
Cameron Robinson Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Emma Robinson Radiologic Science
Brianna Robles Applied Psychology
Jessica Roden Operations Management
Kevin Rodriguez Applied Mathematics
Caden Root Radiologic Science
Rylynn Root Civil Engineering
Madalyn Ross Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Alisha Rothell Electrical Engineering
Roni Rountree Mechanical Engineering
Bradley Routh Radiologic Science
Hana Rubash Respiratory Care
Nathan Rule Mechanical Engineering
Patrick Runge Business Management Option
Mikeila Ruotsala Respiratory Care
Christian Rupe Information Technology
Aubrie Rush Radiologic Science
Corlis Russell Mechanical Engineering
Renee Russell Applied Psychology
Toby Ruston Mechanical Engineering
Katie Sabin Biology-Health Sciences
Rayan Saggaf Renewable Energy Engineering
Amanda Sako Vascular Technology
Alyvia Samoylich Dental Hygiene
Craig Sanchez Electrical Engineering
Kyle Sanchez Electrical Engineering
Cesar Santana Radiologic Science
Armando Santillan Software Engineering Tech
John Sarna Mechanical Engineering
Monte Schell Biology-Health Sciences
Kacie Schmidt Civil Engineering
Madison Schnoor Medical Laboratory Science
Zachary Schoening Respiratory Care
Gregory Scholom Information Technology
Benjamin Schroeder Mechanical Engineering
Bryce Schultz Software Engineering Tech
John Scott Information Technology
Sheea Scott Applied Psychology
Jayce Seavert Population Health Management
Erin Seegraves Dental Hygiene
Rashid Shanneb Operations Management
Rezwana Sharmin Medical Laboratory Science
Noah Sharrott Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Danielle Shaver Vascular Technology
Andrew Shaw Medical Laboratory Science
Garrett Shell Information Technology
Sierra Shelton Dental Hygiene
Daniel Shenk Civil Engineering
Isaac Shepard Mechanical Engineering
Henry Shere Vascular Technology
Peter Sherwood Geomatics-option in Surveying
Michael Shiiki-Morris Information Technology
Keegan Shivers Business Management Option
Elijah Shotola Cybersecurity
Stacia Sigvartsen Civil Engineering
Chanler Simpson Information Technology
Erika Simpson Vascular Technology
Lana Skeen Radiologic Science
Alexander Smith Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Bonnie Smith General Studies
Braidy Smith Business Marketing Option
Brianna Smith Dental Hygiene
Ellie Smith Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Jacqueline Smith Applied Psychology
Jenna Smith Radiologic Science
Justin Smith Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Justin Smith Business Marketing Option
Mackenna Smith Dental Hygiene
Makayla Smith Biology-Health Sciences
Mattie Smith Environmental Sciences
Mia Smith Applied Psychology
Mikayla Smith Software Engineering Tech
Sarah Smith Respiratory Care
Sierra Smith Applied Psychology
Kage Southern Civil Engineering
Arthur Spears Software Engineering Tech
Jordan Spencer Cybersecurity
Olivia Sprague Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Sarah Sprauer Medical Laboratory Science
Emma Stamm Radiologic Science
Kaitlin Stampor Polysomnographic Technology
Mateo Stange Mechanical Engineering
Shayly Stanton Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Gideon Stasak Mechanical Engineering
Amber Steen Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Pacific Stensland Cybersecurity
Ethan Stephens Accounting
Cheyene Steskal Software Engineering Tech
Emmalee Stevens Radiologic Science
McKenna Stevens Vascular Technology
Thomas Stevens Cybersecurity
Faith Stice Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Devon Stokes Mechanical Engineering
Dominick Stone Computer Engineering Tech
Spencer Storey Mechanical Engineering
Nicholas Strode Dual Software Eng/Applied Math
Hunter Stubbs Civil Engineering
Annie Taha Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kaylin Talonen Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Ty Tam Mechanical Engineering
Randall Tamura Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Tyler Taormina Software Engineering Tech
Liliana Tapia Business Management Option
Clairise Tapken Cybersecurity
Michael Tarakhchyan Respiratory Care
Tayler Tate Medical Laboratory Science
Angela Taylor Accounting
Ashleigh Taylor Applied Psychology
Cameron Taylor Respiratory Care
Jack Taylor Mechanical Engineering
Paige TeVelde Electrical Engineering
Sydney Temple Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jordan Thielke Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Chelsea Thomas Dental Hygiene
Christopher Thomas Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Abigail Thompson Dental Hygiene
Justin Thompson Accounting
Mackenzie Thompson Respiratory Care
Stephen Thomson Software Engineering Tech
Drew Thrasher Mechanical Engineering
Tyler Thygesen Radiologic Science
Tristin Timm Radiologic Science
Irina Tkachuk Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Sid Tolbert Mechanical Engineering
Chase Tolonen Radiologic Science
Gabrielle Tomas Dental Hygiene
Marilyn Tran Medical Laboratory Science
Tuyen Tran Echocardiography
Sinh Tri Dual Embedded Sys/Math
Isabella Trifilo-Miley Cybersecurity
Chloe Trigo Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Xuan Trinh Medical Laboratory Science
Daniel Tucker Information Technology
Kennedy Tull Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Maddyson Tull Respiratory Care
Vitaliy Tveritin Dual Elec/Renewable Energy Eng
Britton Ullan Mechanical Engineering
Erik Valadez-Ramos Computer Engineering Tech
Marissa Valencia Applied Psychology
Kurtis Vallee Information Technology
Matthew Van Tassell Civil Engineering
Jessie VanBlaricum Medical Laboratory Science
Hayden Vandehey Mechanical Engineering
Daniel Vann Cybersecurity
Joseph Vargas Software Engineering Tech
Hannah Vasas Dental Hygiene
Ruben Vasquez Mechanical Engineering
Alberto Vasquez Garcia Radiologic Science
Cristina Vazquez Radiologic Science
Trisha Vieira Dental Hygiene
Cameron Viernes Information Technology
Sandy Villa-Reyes Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Mark Reginald Villanueva Civil Engineering
Alexis Virtue Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Andrew Vogt Software Engineering Tech
Alicia Volk Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Nicholas Von Eynern Mechanical Engineering
April Wallace Radiologic Science
Jenna Wallace Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Riley Wallace Electrical Engineering
Cole Walter Mechanical Engineering
Jordan Walter Dental Hygiene
Niles Walter Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Zoe Walton Echocardiography
Mallory Ward Civil Engineering
Jack Warner Biology-Health Sciences
Jacy Wasoski Professional Writing
Nevan Watanabe Population Health Management
Alan Watt Mechanical Engineering
Miles Wearing Software Engineering Tech
Jenifer Webb Dental Hygiene
Beau Wellman Radiologic Science
Jason Wells Software Engineering Tech
Baelie Werner Civil Engineering
Garrett West Information Technology
Kelly West Cybersecurity
Kiah Wetzell Dental Hygiene
Christopher Whisenhunt Applied Psychology
Aaron Whistler Software Engineering Tech
Joseph Wilkinson Software Engineering Tech
Morgan Will Medical Laboratory Science
Hailey Willett Business Management Option
Abbigail Williams Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Brendon Williams Software Engineering Tech
Melissa Williams Medical Laboratory Science
Jaymie Willis Dental Hygiene
Gavin Wilmott Business Management Option
Claire Wilson Biology-Health Sciences
Cole Wilson Cybersecurity
Kallista Wilson Dental Hygiene
Sophie Wilson Dental Hygiene
Tricia Winter Cybersecurity
Cheryl Wisdom Polysomnographic Technology
Jessica Wolf Dental Hygiene
Adam Wolfer Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Haley Wolff Medical Laboratory Science
Brook Womack Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Alec Wong Software Engineering Tech
Hayley Woodward Environmental Sciences
Payton Woodworth Echocardiography
Mckenna Woolley Echocardiography
Jacob Workinger Radiologic Science
Brandon Wright Communication Studies
Camron Wright Electrical Engineering
Elizabeth Wright Operations Management
Kyle Wright Operations Management
Naomie Wyckoff Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Ehlana-Raye Wyman Echocardiography
Chad Yanagisawa Biology-Health Sciences
Emma Yoshida Radiologic Science
Dylon Yoshinaga Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Cindy Young Environmental Sciences
Isaac Young Computer Engineering Tech
Emily Zeng

Information Technology


The following students have been named to the Dean's list at Oregon Institute of Technology. Inclusion on the list requires a 3.30 to 3.69 grade-point average.

Larken Ackley Business Management Option
Halle Adair Respiratory Care
Hanna Aguirre-Burk Applied Psychology
Hussain Al Duways Renewable Energy Engineering
Mohammed Albudrees Dental Hygiene
Victoria Alcala-Ramirez Biology-Health Sciences
Eveling Alexander Echocardiography
Osama Alqwirey Renewable Energy Engineering
Macy Altorfer Echocardiography
Julie Alvarez Dental Hygiene
Caitlyn Anderson Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Jordan Andrews Medical Laboratory Science
McKenna Andrews Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Patrick Arman Civil Engineering
Nicholas Armbrust Mechanical Engineering
Osaia Avendano Gomez Nuclear Med Molecular Imaging
Hannah Badker Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Bridget Bailey Radiologic Science
Ana Baker Dental Hygiene
Kyle Baker Information Technology
Maiya Baker Renewable Energy Engineering
Nicolas Baldovino Mechanical Engineering
Landen Barber Computer Engineering Tech
Eduardo Barraza Applied Psychology
Andrew Bassett EMT - Paramedic
Rozanne Bautista Professional Writing
Iveth Bazan Ayala Dental Hygiene
Tristan Beach Mechanical Engineering
Bailey Beane Renewable Energy Engineering
Maya Beason Pre-Medical Lab Sci Gen Study
Jensen Becker Dental Hygiene
Isaac Beery Information Technology
Mashayla Belloir Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Cameron Berreman Dual Renewable Energy/Elec Eng
Sean Berwick EMT - Paramedic
Joshua Bettencourt Mechanical Engineering
Vincent Bifano Cybersecurity
James Bigby Environmental Sciences
Logan Billingsley Software Engineering Tech
Tyson Bittrich Renewable Energy Engineering
Luke Blair Mechanical Engineering
Liam Bliss Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Bloemer Electrical Engineering
Nichole Bodfield Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Madison Bogar Radiologic Science
Kolbe Boorn Medical Laboratory Science
Kathryn Bradford Applied Psychology
Justin Brand Medical Laboratory Science
Alex Bratton Business Management Option
Randi Bray Accounting
Britney Bremer Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Ryan Broberg Renewable Energy Engineering
Alexander Brown Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Larysa Burright Pre-Nursing Gen Study
Kelley Burroway Echocardiography
Aubrie Businger Communication Studies
Derrick Cadle Mechanical Engineering
Mandi Calavan Pre-Dental Hygiene Gen Study
Kyra Cambra Echocardiography
Anikka Campbell Dental Hygiene
Jamie Cappello Respiratory Care
Cassidy Carr Respiratory Care
Bailey Carter Echocardiography
Gidget Cartisser Technology and Management
Natalie Castellano Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Nathaniel Castle Software Engineering Tech
Alondra Cazares Medical Laboratory Science
Esther Ceron Sotelo Mechanical Engineering
Melissa Chan Information Technology
Ethan Chirnside Geomatics-option in Surveying
Owen Christiansen Applied Psychology
Bryce Christopherson Cybersecurity
Madeline Clark Software Engineering Tech
Zackery Clark Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Courtney Clemmer Communication Studies
Jonathon Clough Radiologic Science
Michael Cluff Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Justin Cochrane Medical Laboratory Science
Seth Colvin Mechanical Engineering
Natasha Combe Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Nicholas Conduff Mechanical Engineering
Brody Connell Business Management Option
Aedan Connelly Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Amber Conord Mechanical Engineering
Kenzie Cooper Applied Psychology
John Corder Mechanical Engineering Tech
Patrick Corliss Geomatics-option in Surveying
Sophia Cornell Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Yadira Corona-Gomez Dental Hygiene
Quinn Cox Operations Management
Sarah Cross Pre-Paramedic Gen Study
Aidan Crowley Civil Engineering
Colin Crummer Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Bailey Daniel Dental Hygiene
Christopher Daniel Software Engineering Tech
Taylor Daniel Dental Hygiene
Madison Darnold Software Engineering Tech
Bryce Davis Cybersecurity
Cullan Davitt Biology-Health Sciences
Tyler DeBois Information Technology
Jarred DeGroot Data Science
Madeline DeVerna Dental Hygiene
Irene Deer Cybersecurity
Mikayla Del Valle Radiologic Science
Marcus Delamarter Mechanical Engineering
Marcus Delusa Electrical Engineering
Jorge Diaz Martinez Software Engineering Tech
Cole Dillon Applied Psychology
Thomas Dodgen Civil Engineering
Oliver Dorrell Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
James Dressel Manufacturing Engineering Tech
Syona Dufty Dental Hygiene
Adalyn Duncan Computer Engineering Tech
Connie Duran Health Care Mgmt-Admin Mgmt
Daniel Duyvestein Civil Engineering
Maxim Dzul Geomatics-option in Surveying
Melody Edwards Accounting
Maya Enloe Radiologic Science
Diana Escamilla Biology-Health Sciences
Noah Etchemendy Dual Embed/Software Eng Tech
Cassidy Evans Pre-Medical Imaging Gen Study
Bradley Everest Business Marketing Option
Bryce Fairchild Geomatics-option in Surveying
Joshua Farner Radiologic Science
Kaison Faust Communication Studies
Matthew Feil Embedded Systems Eng Tech
Bryce Fernandez Civil Engineering
Macey Fletcher Dental Hygiene
Simeon Florea Software Engineering Tech
Leellian Flores Software Engineering Tech
Cody Fort Biology-Health Sciences