Oregon Tech Board of Trustees members
David Cauble and Don Gentry,
with 5th year Oregon Tech President Nagi Naganathan

Oregon Tech celebrated the dedication and commitment of its employees at the annual Length of Service luncheon held Dec. 7 at the Klamath Falls campus. The event recognized those who reached significant service milestones in both 2022 and 2023.

"It’s an honor to acknowledge and celebrate the steadfast contributions of our employees who have dedicated years of service to Oregon Tech," said Oregon Tech President Dr. Nagi Naganathan. "Their loyalty and commitment have played a crucial role in our university's growth and success."

At the event, 29 classified staff, 37 administrative staff, and 48 faculty members were honored for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 35-year service milestones, contributing to 1,244 years of collective service.

The Length of Service event offers an opportunity to thank the honorees for their efforts and commitment to Oregon Tech's mission. The university values the contributions of its employees and remains dedicated to fostering an environment that recognizes and appreciates their hard work.

Special thanks are extended to the President’s Office and Human Resources staff for organizing this event.

The following employees were recognized at the event:

35 years in 2022

Calvin Caldwell


35 years of service employee James Lake
with President Naganathan

35 years in 2023

Edward Daniels

James Lake


25 years in 2023

Sandra Bailey

Mark Neupert


20 years in 2022

Christopher Bowman

Tiernan Fogarty

Richard Hoylman

Robyn Wilde


20 years in 2023

Maria Lynn Kessler

Suzet Petersen

Troy Scevers


15 years in 2022

Diana Angeli

Brandy Nightingale

Cindy Childers

Tammy Clark

Jason Coatney

David Culler

Brian Fisher

Iris Godwin

Leticia Hill

Brandy Hunter

Donald McDonnell

Dan Peterson

Andrea Pursley

Kathy Stanek


15 years in 2023

Vanessa Bennett

Sonja Bieler

Darrold Crain

Cristina Crespo

Julie Daniels

Don DaSaro

Todd Ellingson

Andria Fultz

Michael Garrard

Sandi Hanan

Lian Li

Frank Maier

Michelle Marie

Adria Paschal

Crystal Pound

Charles "CJ" Riley

Patrick Schaeffer

Terri Torres


10 years in 2022

Richard Ellis

Christopher Hamper

Kendal Marks

Sophie Nathenson

Justin Parnell

Scott Prahl

Brady Smith

Christopher Syrnyk


10 years in 2023

Darin "Woody" Blackman

Karen Blevins

Ben Bunting

Dibyajyoti Deb

Yanqing Gao

David Hammond

Marcus Harrell

Jherime Kellermann

Dongbin Lee

Eileen Mudgett

Trevor Petersen

Yasha Rohwer

Donovan Scheffler

Cynthia Stripling

Ashley Van Essen

Erin Williams


5 years in 2022

Scott Adams

Dawn Bailey

Krista Beaty

Gale Bloom

Jared Emard

Kerry Farris

Kamal Gandhi

Kevin Garrett

Michael Gilinsky

Sarah Henderson-Wong

Amber Lancaster

Michelle Monteith

Nagi Naganathan

Lara Pracht

Abigail Rollins

Mostafa Saber

Clifford Stover

Darlene Swigart

Michele Vitali

Jake Williams


5 years in 2023

Abdollah “Abdy” Afjeh

Nicole Ayers

Rachelle Barrett

Alaura Boynton

William Briones

Rebecca Burkeen

Larry "Craig" Campbell

Anna Clark

Correne Cleland

Krista Darrah

Maria Depuy

Julie Desmond

George Drouant

Tricia Elliott

Lori Garrard

David Groff

Pamela Grove

David Johnston

Joshua Koch

Lisa Leonard

Kevin Rogers

Wendy Rogers

Tonya Sweaney-Wilde

John Van Dyke

Chitra Venugopal

Mira Wonderwheel