The Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees met Wednesday to review and approve a Presidential Transition Plan for Dr. Chris Maples, who announced earlier this spring that he was not seeking renewal of his contract, which expires on June 30, 2016. 

The Committee discussed the transition agreement between Dr. Maples and the university, which includes provisions for a six-month period beginning on July 1, 2016 at his current monthly pay rate, and coverage of healthcare benefits during that period through a stipend equivalent to current cost of coverage. During that period, President Maples will be available to the Board leadership to provide information or to advise concerning Board of Trustees or Oregon Tech operations. Members in attendance voted unanimously to approve the agreement.

In other business, Committee members approved an amended resolution adopting Oregon Tech’s mission and core themes. After presenting to the Higher Education Coordinating Commission in April, HECC commissioners requested a minor change in wording, replacing “Oregon citizens” with the word “Oregonians.” Trustees voted to approve the change today and forward to the HECC. The HECC will be reviewing the mission statement again at a meeting on June 9 for final approval.

After discussing the agenda for the Executive Committee meeting scheduled on June 29, the meeting was adjourned.