Oregon Tech Christian Fellowship
traveling for Cru Conference

Eight students from Oregon Tech’s Christian Fellowship traveled to Los Angeles at the beginning of February to attend the Cru Conference, a gathering for college students in the Pacific Northwest.

Maren Calavan is a junior studying Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Technology at Oregon Tech. She said the conference brought together nearly 700 students from the Pacific Northwest to experience Jesus, grow together in their faith, and discover their place in the mission of God.

“It was an amazing time to meet students from different cultures while still having our faith in common,” Calavan said. “I grew so much closer with the other seven students on the trip, and I consider them very wonderful friends now. It was super encouraging to see the way that they have grown and continue to grow in their love for the Lord and for others.”

The conference had two sessions a day, which included worship and a message. The theme this year was Monuments, described as big events in your past, present, and future that lead you closer to God.

“I learned so much about the God that I serve, and it just set my heart on fire to serve him more,” Calavan said. “I have so much gratitude for Oregon Tech and the Student Involvement and Belonging office which helped make this trip possible.”

Shawni Cayetano-Ramos is Assistant Director of Diversity and Belonging at Oregon Tech and said that Student Involvement and Belonging helps students find a sense of belonging through clubs and attendance at conferences.

"We aim to create a community where all feel a sense of belonging as we acknowledge that there's not one singular Oregon Tech experience,” Cayetano-Ramos said. “Our campuses bring collective energy into one community where you’ll find gamers and geeks (proudly), explorers of the natural world, athletes, book aficionados, and volunteers passionate about changing the world through causes they believe in. Individuals of all identities and backgrounds have a place for them as they ‘Get Connected’ within Oregon Tech.”