2022 Honors Program Students
2022 Honors Program Inductees

The Oregon Tech Honors Program inducted 25 new members Saturday, Oct. 22, before an audience of their friends, family, and peers, and a well-attended Zoom audience of those unable to attend the ceremony in person.

Oregon Tech’s Honors Program, a specialized academic program for high-achieving students in all academic majors, provides an interdisciplinary education designed to prepare future leaders and professionals for successful careers and meaningful lives. The Honors Program provides Oregon Tech students with a complementary academic curriculum and a collection of extracurricular learning experiences that promote a more well-rounded future career professional, a socially responsible person, and a connected and well-educated student.

Students in the Oregon Tech Honors Program participate in various activities, including The Honors Idea, question and answer seminars, Honors option courses, Our World to Lead and Serve projects, Honors connections events, and Honors experiential learning and inquiry in outdoor settings field trips. Dedicated Honors Program core faculty provide interaction and guidance throughout the program.

“Oregon Tech’s Honors Program is comprised of an engaged group of students who want to be challenged and who have already achieved much in their education,” said Christopher J. Syrnyk, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Honors Program and The Office of National Scholarships, and Professor of Communication. “While engaging in this rigorous educational experience, Honors Program students demonstrate exemplary academic and human skills and are passionate about using their intellectual abilities to advance their own pursuit of knowledge as they prepare to embark upon careers of meaning as they make contributions to improving society.”

Students inducted into the Honors Program:

Eric Alonzo Zamora

Andrew Burgoyne

Isa Cade

Adam Cornie

Clerisse Llanah Dacumos

Dylan Davis

Maddin Deedon

Alex Fenton

Connor Gasper

Caleb Golter

Sam Horwitt

Aiden Isherwood

Anthony Jewell

Zack Kane

Jordan Langholz

Brady Larsen

Nolan Lawson

Tori Leyba

Amina Norris

Dakota Notter

Zander Ortega

Zaelfenn Sandow

Gordon Sheen

Raeanna Troncoso

Andy Wiley