Washington-Monthly 2021

Oregon Tech is one of the top universities based on contribution to the public good in three broad categories: social mobility, research, and promoting public service according to Washington Monthly magazine’s “2021 College Guide and Rankings.”

In addition to ranking high at No. 23 on the overall Bachelor’s list, Oregon Tech is the top university in Oregon at No. 39 on the magazine’s list of “Best Bang for the Buck West Colleges,” which recognizes four-year institutions that “help nonwealthy students obtain marketable degrees at affordable prices.”

The Best Bang for the Buck colleges across each of the five regions are primarily the unsung heroes of American higher education: colleges with strong regional reputations that serve large numbers of students from low-income families and help them graduate and succeed in the labor market.

Washington Monthly prides itself on taking a different approach to rankings, by ranking colleges on how well they serve the country as a whole—through recruiting and graduating nonwealthy students, encouraging student activism, and producing research and technologies that create high-paying jobs and address threats like climate change.

Washington Monthly BBB 2021