Power Lab

One of the most unique laboratories our campus has to offer is our Power Lab. This laboratory allows people to simulate the United States power grid and test various scenarios of power outages and how to repair the system. This lab operates with high voltage and high current which means that you need special training to ensure that you can safely operate the equipment. 

Single-Phase Wattmeter

The Power lab also houses our microgrid structure that was constructed as a student’s capstone project. This system replicates a working power grid and allows for hands-on study for students.

The LabVolt Power Electronics System allow students to test and understand high voltage circuits. This system is primarily used in the study of transmission lines and how long distance transmission affect electrical infrastructure. These devices have a modular design that allow students to swap out components between builds and to customize their LabVolt system to fit the needs of their experiments. This lab has very high currents and voltages which makes it very dangerous to work in so student access is restricted till you have taken and passed the electrical safety quiz. If you would like more information on this lab, please contact Professor Chitra Venugopal.

LabVolt Power Electronics System
Power Lab
Power Lab
Chitra Venugopal

Chitra Venugopal, Assistant Professor

 Portland-Metro 418

If you are interested in studying power, power electronics, electromechanical conversion, and renewable energy, take a look at the Renewable Energy Engineering Program.

Power Lab