Power Lab

The Power lab is the home of the Oregon Tech Wilsonville Micro-Grid. It consists of two motor/ generator sets, power management controllers, a resistive bank, and a monitoring station. Also, the Power lab hosts the residential wiring station for Circuits II and the LabVolt cabinets with associated components for Motors class.

Prof. Frank Rytkonen is the primary faculty involved with Power lab projects. He is currently overseeing the reconstruction of the Micro-Grid as well as delivering instruction relating to power, automation, and electrical machines.

The Power lab is open during hours of instruction and to currently enrolled students who are working on the Micro-Grid.

Power lab
Tools and hardware: The power lab is supported with a tool chest stocked with wrenches and screw drivers. There are multimeters, tachometers, wire strippers, and crimpers as well.


The Micro-Grid is a project that incorporates design opportunities related to power generation, transmission, energy storage, and power electronic equipment.

Once finished, our students will be able to perform applied research for distributed power systems testing, power conditioning, and utility-focused energy storage.

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If you are interested in studying power, power electronics, electromechanical conversion, and renewable energy, take a look at the Renewable Energy Engineering Program.