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Chemistry Lab

Our dedicated Chemistry Lab offers a number of work areas for students studying chemistry. With five fume hoods, there is plenty of space to test and study chemical reactions. Make sure that you have the proper safety attire to protect yourself from any unforeseen spills and accidents. The chemistry lab is not open to student use unless you are working with an instructor or lab aid.


Fume Hoods

Fume Hoods

The Chemistry Lab is equipped with five fume hoods that allow students to work with their chemical reactions in a safe, well ventilated space. Each fume hood has several inline gas lines that provide oxygen or other gases that can be used in the reactions.



Each station has several sets of glassware that are used in mixing chemicals. Included, are; Beakers (various sizes), Volumetric Flasks, Graduated Cylinders, Pipette, and stirring rods.



Each sink is equipped with either an eye wash station or a drench hose that can be used to wash off any chemical spills that occur during your studies.

Protective Eyewear
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Chemistry Lab
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