The Academic Council is the advisory body to the Provost. The Council reports to the Provost and the Provost serves as Chair. The focus of much of the activity of the Academic Council centers on bringing issues that impact Chairs, Directors and other supervisory leadership to the larger group for discussion, deliberation and ultimately recommendations on action, to the Provost. These supervisory duties are summarized in the Department Chair Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines. At the request of the Provost, the Council may be asked to provide recommendations on policies, procedures, and guidelines affecting academic affairs. 


Provost/ AVP SEM, Chair Joanna Mott Academic Affairs
Vice Provost Abdy Afjeh Academic Affairs
Associate Vice Provost TBD Academic Excellence
Assistant Vice Provost Beverly McCreary Faculty Labor Relations
Dean of ETM Tom Keyser Academic Affairs
Dean of HAS Dan Peterson Academic Affairs
Director Farooq Sultan Institutional Research
Director Carrie Dickson Online Learning
University Librarian John Schoppert Academic Affairs
University Registrar Wendy Ivie Academic Affairs
Senate Vice President Yuehai Yang Faculty Senate
Department Chair 1 Roger Lindgren Civil Engineering
Department Chair 2 Franny Howes Communication
Department Chair 3 Phil Howard (Int.) Computer Systems Eng. Tech.
Department Chair 4 Paula Russell Dental Hygiene
Department Chair 5 Scott Prahl Elec. Eng./Renewable Energy
Department Chair 6 Jamie Kennel Emergency Medical Services
Department Chair 7 Jack Walker Geomatics
Department Chair 8 MariaLynn Kessler Humanities and Social Sciences
Department Chair 9 Hallie Neupert Business Management
Department Chair 10 Tim Pasang Manuf./Mech. Eng. Tech.
Department Chair 11 Tiernan Fogarty Applied Mathematics
Department Chair 12 Rich Carson Medical Imaging Technology
Department Chair 13 Caroline Doty Medical Laboratory Science
Department Chair 14 Nate Bickford Natural Sciences
Acting Chair, Department 15 Marc Campolo Health Sciences

2022-23 Meeting Schedule

All meetings at 2:00 PM unless otherwise noted

October 11

November 8

December 13  cancelled

January 10  cancelled

February 14

March 14

April 11

May 9

June 13

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