Don't Forget to Complete Your Exit Interview!

All graduating seniors who have loans must participate in an exit interview in order to graduate. A hold will be placed on the diploma of individuals who have not had their exit interview. The purpose of the exit interview is to review with the student how much he or she has borrowed, when the first payment is due, and how to defer payments, if necessary.

In addition, all contact information will be updated. These interviews are very important to students in determining how to handle the loan after graduation.

Stafford Loan Student Requirements

All students who leave Oregon Tech and have received Stafford Loan funds must complete Stafford Loan Exit Counseling. Students should complete Exit Counseling on the National Student Loan Data System website. At that time students can also view their loan indebtedness and information on loan consolidation.

To complete your Stafford Loan Exit Counseling for this year please go to: Exit Counseling.

Financial Aid Office

Institutional Loans

This includes: Boyer, Federal Perkins, Matthews, Matthews Supplemental, MIT, OIT, Vascular, and Yates Loans

You will receive an email from the Business Office before the end of each term letting you know when the exit interviews for the loans mentioned above are available.

If you have questions please contact the Business Affairs Office.


Business Affairs Office

Snell Hall, Room 115