Final Exam Schedule

Starting Time Daytime Classes Meeting MWF, 4 Days/Week, or Daily Daytime Classes Meeting T-R
  M T W R M T W R
8:00-8:50 8-10             8-10
9:00-9:50   8-10     10-12      
10:00-10:50     10-12     10-12    
11:00-11:50   12-2         8-10  
12:00-12:50       10-12     12-2  
1:00-1:50     2-4   12-2      
2:00-2:50 2-4         2-4    
3:00-3:50     4-6         12-2
4:00-4:50   4-6     4-6      

Final Exam Notes:


Portland-Metro finals are scheduled during regularly scheduled class times during Finals Week.

    Notes regarding Klamath Falls Finals:

  • Classes meeting one day per week on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday use the M-W-F schedule. Classes meeting one day per week on Tuesday or Thursday use the T-R schedule.
  • Evening classes beginning at 5 p.m. or later will conduct finals (2 hours) on the regularly scheduled night at the regularly scheduled time during final examination week. Classes meeting two nights per week will take the final examination on the first scheduled class night.
  • Classes meeting on Tuesday or Thursday and which begin on the half hour use the T-R schedule. Use the left-most column and the class beginning time to determine exam time. For example, a class meeting TR 9:30-10:50, uses the 9:00 left hand block and the exam is on Monday 10:00-12:00.

    Notes regarding all Finals:

  • Final times are designed not to conflict. Students with final exam scheduling conflicts should contact the instructors involved to make special arrangements.
  • Dead Week is the last week of regularly scheduled classes for the term. No student activities or athletic events will be scheduled during this week. Projects and/or examinations due Dead Week may not exceed 20% of the final course grade without giving students at least three weeks prior notice. The Assistant Provost must approve any exceptions to this policy.
  • All instructors will meet with their classes during Finals Week at the final examination time designated in the official "Class Schedule" issued at the beginning of each term. Individual students may request exceptions to this policy. The instructor must approve these in advance. Course instructors may request exceptions to this policy. The appropriate school Dean must approve the exception and students should be given at least three weeks prior notification of the change.
    • Final examinations, when utilized, must be given at the scheduled time during Finals Week. (OIT 14-023, Final Examinations)
    • Methods of evaluation are at the discretion of the instructor. They should be specified in the course syllabus and distributed to students the first week of class. Instructors who use a final examination will administer that exam at the time designated in the official "Class Schedule."
  • In the event campus closes during final exam week, faculty have the following options.
    • Move in-person final exams to an online format.
    • Enter an incomplete grade for the student. The student then has up to two weeks during the following term to take the final exam.
    • Enter the current letter grade earned for each student. This option should only be pursued as a last resort and used if the following conditions are met:
      • The students have already completed substantial and/or significant amounts of the overall course-graded work and;
      • The student’s final grades are based on a percentage of total points earned in the class, excluding available points from the final exam

last updated: 7/17/2023