Your transfer evaluation has gone GREEN! Access your transfer evaluation 24/7 on your Web for Student under the Student Records menu.

Oregon Tech provides a complete transfer evaluation upon admission, prior to the planned term of enrollment. The evaluation delineates the transfer credit on a course-by-course basis and specifies direct course equivalencies, courses which may be used towards general-education requirements, elective credits and courses which do not receive credit.

Oregon Tech accepts all successfully passed transfer credit, with no credit hour limitations, from all regionally accredited institutions, not including remedial courses.

At the time of admission, Oregon Tech's transfer evaluation may include elective credits that do not apply towards a specific degree. These credits will be recorded as transfer credit for registration purposes, allowing the student an earlier registration appointment based on total earned credit hours.

Some transfer work, which may not be directly equivalent to Oregon Tech courses, may be appropriately substituted to meet Oregon Tech requirements. Students may seek course substitution approval by completing the Course Substitution form (located in TECHweb) and obtaining the signature of the advisor, department chair and Registrar.


Oregon Tech makes every effort to give maximum consideration to the transfer work presented by enrolling students.

Transfer students entering Oregon Tech who have earned either an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree (AAOT) or an Associate of Science in Business degree (ASOTB) from an Oregon community college will be considered as having met Oregon Tech’s lower-division general education requirements.

Students will receive the following credit for courses, unless already taken:

  • SPE 111 Fundamentals of Speech
  • WRI 121 English Composition
  • WRI 122 English Composition
  • MATH 111 College Algebra
  • 9 credits of humanities
  • 12 credits of social sciences

Please check with the academic department for your degree program for specific requirements that must be met.

Oregon Transfer Module (OTM)

The Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) provides a one-year curriculum for students who plan to transfer to a State of Oregon community college or university.

Foundational Skills

Writing and Oral Communication

Two courses of college level composition
Oral Communication
One course of Public Speaking or Communication


One course of college level Math

Introduction to Disciplines

Arts and Letters/Humanities

3 courses of Arts and letters/Humanities
Oregon Tech only allows 3 credits of performance or studio-based courses in this category.

Science/Math/Computer Science

3 courses, including at least one biological or physical science with a laboratory

Social Science

3 courses of Social Science