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At Oregon Tech, Environmental Health and Safety works collaboratively with its campus and community partners to support the university’s comprehensive, safety risk reduction program. This outcome is achieved through the use of awareness initiatives, consultation services, inspections, regulatory compliance, standardized training and written guidance. Through these efforts, Environmental Health and Safety continuously strives to shape a university-wide culture of compliance and safety.

Key Environmental Health and Safety Strategies

Environmental Health and Safety’s primary strategic priority is to work in partnership with members of the campus community in creating a sustainable university-wide culture of compliance and safety. This approach views safety through a fully integrated lens, using a common environmental health and safety framework to effectively manage safety-related programs, requirements and risks across the university.

Oregon Tech’s comprehensive environmental health and safety framework includes the following areas of emphasis:
Environmental protection and pollution prevention aimed at reinforcing a sustainable future for the campus community.
Fire and life safety saving lives and safeguarding property through prevention services, response and post-incident analysis.
General safety maintaining a wide array of safety services to mitigate risks and control loss. 
Occupational health and hygiene safety prioritizing the health and well-being of the campus community.
Radiation safety supporting compliance and safety protocols within the university’s radiation program.
Research safety emphasizing training and standardized safety practices in all applied research laboratories and classrooms.

Core Functions of Environmental Health and Safety

  • Lead university-wide environmental health and safety programs and services.
  • Develop and implement comprehensive environmental health and safety plans and procedures.
  • Create and deliver standardized environmental health and safety training to all members of the campus community.
  • Provide inspections ensuring compliance with environmental health and safety codes, regulations and statutes.
  • Coordinate environmental health and safety regulatory compliance and reporting activities. 
  • Apply proactive prevention-based measures to reduce the university’s exposure to safety-related risks.
  • Interpret environmental health and safety codes, regulations and statutes to ensure university compliance.
  • Routinely engage the campus community promoting a culture of compliance and safety amongst all stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with external partners and regulatory agencies on issues of mutual interests.
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