On Campus

The Avenue C Micromarket offers COFFEE, fresh food, plus frozen meals and tasty snacks and beverages, delivered daily. Avenue C is open whenever the building is open, and you can use your credit or debit card to purchase. You may also buy a reloadable key fob.

Where's my coffee?

Close to Campus

There are MANY options for a quick bite close to campus, including vegetarian and vegan options. Popular options are Chipotle, Starbucks, Zoup, Cafe Yum, Koi Fusion, Noodles & Co, Panda Express, and many more.

There are also several grocery stores and a Target within a couple of miles, and multiple places to get coffee if Avenue C doesn't work for you including several Starbucks.


You may use food delivery services such as Grubhub or We Deliver Eats to have food delivered.

Avenue C - How To's

Create and Open an Account with Avenue C

Avenue C Display

How to Create an Account
1. Press the Manage Account button
2. Press New Account
3. Fill in Account details

Unique ID Username used to login to your account when using the Type in ID method
First Name Your First Name
Last Name Your Last Name
Account PIN # 4 digit or more password used when accessing the account
Card ID Magnetic Strip card identification
Scanner ID Barcode identification
Thumb Print Fingerprint identification which bypasses using the Account PIN
Email Address Used to stay in touch

How to Open an Account
1. Press the Manage Account button
2. Press Type in ID to enter a Unique ID then PIN or Press Existing Account to use a Card ID, Scanner ID or Thumbprint

How to Add Funds to an Account
After opening your account -
1. Press Add Cash or Add Credit
2. Insert Cash or Select a Credit Amount then swipe card.

How To Make A Purchase

1. Scan Items
Align barcode under the scanner. 
Verify all items on screen.

2. Select a Payment Method
Use your account, or use a Credit Card to make a single purchase

3. Complete Payment
From account screen: Select a method to access your account (fingerprint, scan market card, swipe market card, or type ID)

From credit screen: Swipe your Credit or Debit card