Alumni Spotlight: Jeri Marshall, General Studies

Jeri Marshall grew up in Los Angeles attending local K-12 Catholic schools, where in sixth grade he began to develop both his skills and his love for playing basketball. After playing basketball for Verbum Dei High School, he enrolled at West LA Community College in Culver City where he continued to play as a point guard. It was at that time that Coach Danny Miles recruited Jeri to play for the Oregon Tech Hustlin’ Owls.

Alumni Spotlight: Jacob Graham, Computer/Software Engineering Technology

Jacob Graham was born in Eureka, CA, moved to Seattle, WA at age eight so his father could attend physical therapy school and the family ended up in Klamath Falls when Jacob was 12. Jacob attended both Henley Middle School and Henley High School. He knew from the time he was in middle school that he wanted to pursue a career in the engineering field and recalls looking through Oregon Tech’s class offerings from a young age. After he compared their programs to other schools, Oregon Tech was the only school he applied for when he graduated high school in 2000.